T.Morris ( Maywood IL): What it do Monique. What has been the biggest adjustment now that you are in the WNBA? Good luck with the rest of the season

Monique Currie: Thank you. The biggest difference probably is the level of talent. Every team has great players and you have to be ready to play your absolute best every single night.

Beraca (Randolph): What players that you have not played against yet that you are looking to play against?

Monique Currie: We haven't played any of the West Coast teams, and there are lots of good players our there. I can't just pick out one or two, they are loaded with talented players our there.

Isaac (Wichita): What is it going to be like to play against your college teammate Alana Beard?

Monique Currie: It was really exciting for me, I hadn't played against her since she left Duke. She had a great year and I'm very proud of her and it was fun to play against her again.

Dave Raleigh NC: Hey Mo! Congrats on your career so far. Which WNBA rookie has impressed you the most?

Monique Currie: Cappie and Simone. They've really lived up to the expectations and they're doing very well.

Ravie (Leeds): Why do you wear number 25?

Monique Currie: Yes, because I was born on the 25th of February. I had that number since I first started playing so I've stuck with it.

Kendra (NC): What is it about your game that has allowed you to have success already at this level?

Monique Currie: I guess I'm willing to learn from other players and make adjustments to new players and environments.

Lex: Col. Grove: How does it feel to be starting for the Sting when it's your rookie year? Was it a goal that you had set before hand? I also just wanted to let you know that your doing an amazing job. Keep up the good work...

Monique Currie: Thank you. It was a goal of mine to start, but it wasn't something that would make or break me in anyway. I just try to work as hard as I can in practice and earn a spot in the starting lineup. Anyone on our team is capable of earning a spot in the starting lineup.

Roxie (Hurricane): Who was your favorite WNBA player when you were young?

Monique Currie: I had alot of favorite players. Cynthia Cooper, Sheryl Swoope and Tina Thompson were favorites of mine growing up. All three of them from Houston.

Raelee (Veyo): What is your favorite thing to do in Charlotte when you're not hooping it up?

Monique Currie: Sleep. Also, there are a lot of nice malls. I been to a few, still haven't gotten to all of them. The next paycheck I get, I will head back out to shop.

Kristen (Marlborough): How do you like playing in the WNBA so far? What does it mean to you to be part of the 10th anniversary of the league?

Monique Currie: It's exciting because I've been a fan of the WNBA since it's inception. I went to Mystics games when I was younger and it's great now to be a part of the league and participating in our bright future.

Tom (Charlotte): Which veteran has been the biggest help to you in Charlotte so far?

Monique Currie: All the veterans have been really helpful. Allison Feaster is always a positive voice in my ear, always trying to help me and I can always hear her voice. I'm very grateful for her help and all of the veterans.

Barry (Phoenix): How will Duke fare next season? Will Abby Waner and Wanisha Smith be able to take over for you?

Monique Currie: I think Duke will be up there at the top. Coach G is a great coach and she always finds a way,

Cliff (Bowie, Md): How did it feel to be the 1st women to go to the wnba out of Bullis School.

Monique Currie: Ha (Laughing) I guess it feels good. There has been some really good players from the area, but I'm just excited to be in the league. Period.

McCormick: well what do you think has been your best/ favorite moment so far in the wnba besides the draft,? i really appreciate you taking the time answer my questions.

Monique Currie: Thank you. My best moment was our first win. Definitely. It was a great feeling. I want to get that feeling more often.

Tanaja(Connecticut): What do you believe you need to contribute for your team to become a playoff team?

Monique Currie: I need to be more consistent offensively and defensively. I need to be there and do what I can do to help us win games.

Monique Currie: Thanks to everyone for chatting with me today. Thanks to all our fans in Charlotte for all your support. Keep coming out and watching us and we'll keep working hard to win games.