(On the game) It was a very poor effort after having played at Connecticut well twice. I know we were going back-to-back and we were fatigued. We just have to put forth a better effort, a collective effort. We played hard at times, but we didn�t execute offensively. We missed easy shots. It�s just a matter of focusing. The team overall has to be a lot tougher and a lot harder

(On what went wrong) We missed a lot of open shots. That�s mental fatigue. I think playing the best team in the league twice, we were just mentally fatigued. We took one more shot than Indiana, we got some good looks, we just need to put the ball in the hole to win in this league.

(On playing reserves the final minutes) Unless we play the younger players, they�ll never get the experience. At that point they�ve got to get some experience and they�ve got to make things happen. That�s what we were looking to do.

(On Tammy Sutton-Brown�s game) Tammy�s played well. I�d like to see her shoot better from the free throw line. She�s been fairly consistent. On any given night, we�re not sure who�s going to do what. For us to be successful, we�ve got to have five people on the same page on the same night.

(On what can be done the rest of the season) Right now I�m the coach of the team, and I�m going to coach the players that we have. They have worked hard all year long, and they�ve worked through a lot of adversity. For a team, that�s all you can ask them to do. Until they get the experience to learn how to play on a back to back, to learn how to play close games, it�s not going to happen immediately. The thing for us all to do is to continue to be positive and continue to work through it. It�s easy to be supportive when things are going well, but they need the support more when things are not. They have worked hard all season long, and for that I�m proud of them.

TAMMY SUTTON-BROWN (13 pts, 7 rebs)
(On the game) Our shots just weren�t falling. We were getting good looks. Just staying aggressive and knowing that the next shot is going to go in. Unfortunately shots don�t always fall, but hopefully next game we�ll pick it up.

(On her play)I think that the outcome of our games isn�t what we want, but we have to keep being aggressive and not giving up even though we are 3-18 now. We just know that we have a number of games left to play. It just comes down to pride and individuality, playing for yourself as much as your team.

(On playing back-to-back games) I think playing back-to-back in this league is hard. With the travel, playing minutes and then coming back. The turnaround�s less than 24 hours and it is tough. You�ve just got to dig deep and try to find it.

TEANA MILLER (6 pts, 7 rebs, 18 mins)
(On her being aggressive on the boards) I think I have been missing for a few games. I had to come in tonight and really step up. I wanted to let the team know I was there for them tonight.

(On tonight's game) We didn't get the stops when we needed to. We put them on the foul line late in the game. I definitely think those were the biggest keys.