(On the game) Tremendous effort on our part. As I told the team, they are resilient. They continue to come back, continue to work hard and continue to get better. We simply have to close out the close games. We�ve lost some close games this season, and we have to learn to get better. Being in sync down the stretch is important. I just believe that if they work hard, they can turn some of those close losses into close wins.

(On the final execution) The Connecticut Sun is the Eastern Conference champion for a reason and they turned up the heat on us and made it difficult for us to get the looks we were getting earlier. We had a much tougher job getting to the free throw line in the second half than the first. They had some easy baskets, some second shots and we had a much tougher time getting those shots up. In tight games all the little things add up to make a difference.

(On rebounding) The rebounding problem has been plaguing the Sting since before this season. We just continue to work on it and interestingly enough, we outrebounded Houston. In this league you just have to be able to execute down the stretch.

DAWN STALEY (7 Pts, 7 Assts, 1 TO)
(On the game) Today we went to the bucket and I think that caused them to make a few adjustments on us. It was a hard fought and very close game, we just couldn�t get the ball to drop. I think we were aggressive, and we took it to the basket. We were even getting down low. We just need to finish. We need to force people to foul us where the officials can outright see it.

(On keys of the game) We just have to put the ball in the hole down the stretch. That�s something we can all see and feel. We need to get better with out transition and get some points on the scoreboard.

(On Sun center Margo Dydek) I think our post played [Dydek] well. I think they attacked her, they moved her around and they also got shots off. They worked hard, but it�s difficult to play against someone who is 7-2.

(On the game) I think our team played very well. Our shooters did a really good job at getting their shots off, but it just wasn�t enough. I think if you look at the stat sheet, you will be able to tell that they beat us on rebounds. I think that�s something we will be more focused on Friday. This game was a very close game tonight and it should be interesting next time we face them.

(On Dydek) She�s a good player who is very tall and very long. Throughout the game I was trying to attack her and get around her. Unfortunately the shots just weren�t falling. I think she was a great defensive and all-around player for the Sun. She certainly filled the middle for them today and next game I�m going to really work at getting more rebounds and box her out to keep her off the board.