After beating LA earlier in the season at home, what was the Sting game plan facing the Sparks at STAPLES: To win. Most of the game we executed our game plan. I was just telling the team we had three or four minute stretches where we were not executing offensively. We went up in the first half I think 29 to 18 and then we went on a four minute drought where we didn�t score, we didn�t execute offensively, we turned the ball over, we gave them easy baskets and put them right back into the game. This was a six point game with about 5 minutes left in the second half and the same thing started to happen. We had turnovers that led to easy transition baskets for the Sparks. So really that was the difference in the game.

We out rebounded them, Lisa Leslie is tough in there, she gets those key rebounds and hits some big shots, which you expect. But overall I was pretty pleased with our performance. And just thinking about it we have to continue to play hard all the time and just execute a little bit better.

On the Sparks 17-2 run in the first half, and how the energy seemed to switch from Sting basketball to Sparks basketball: Like I said it was our turnovers. Nothing against LA, but it really wasn�t anything that they were doing; it was just us making bad decisions with the ball. We gave them easy transition baskets which you obviously can not do against a great team like LA.

On her goals for the second half of the season: We would like to have a winning record the second half of the season. At least get our games back to .500. Believe it or not we are playing better; we�re just not getting the outcome that we want right now. We have a lot of young kids, Jia Perkins stepped up and had a big game with 12 points, and so are gaining a lot of experience I think will help us in the second half of the season.

On the intensity between her and Lisa Leslie, especially defensively: It was very intense. Lisa is a great player and it is always going to be hard guarding her. But it just isn�t an individual effort, it�s a team effort.

On her 11 points and the loss of the game: I just think that we just didn�t come out. We weren�t aggressive, and had too many turnovers. I think overall we had a pretty good game, we just need to play with our intensity the entire 40 minutes of the game.

On the game plan: We just wanted to come out strong and establish ourselves in the post and then go to the outside basically works. Just being aggressive, just staying on the boards, and not backing down to Lisa.

On the Sparks 17-2 run at the end of the first half : Right that is something that we definitely need to work on. We know that teams are going to make runs, but we can�t give up 17 points. That is something that needs to be improved and quickly since we play tomorrow night.