(On the game) It was a hard-fought game for us, and we finally found some rhythm. We�ve been tweaking things. We tweaked some offensive things with our shoot around this morning. We found some rhythm. We have to keep it in perspective. It�s one game, but it�s a step forward.

(On the win as a turning point) I think mentally and emotionally, it�s a big turning point for us. Like I told the team, and I�ve been saying this to them all along, they have just show tremendous character and tremendous courage. They fought through a lot of adversity. It takes a special group of people to do that. They�ve stuck together and continued to work hard and continued to believe in themselves, and hopefully that will continue. Our staff has said all along about how much we believe in this team. We knew it was going to take some time, and it did.

(On getting four players in double figures) That�s what we need every night. That�s what we do, we play team basketball. We spread points around, we share the ball. We defend as a team. We believe strongly that�s the right way to do it. It�s the right way for us to do it. We�ve always done it that way. It�s worked pretty well in the past. Helping our team to find that comfort zone, and hopefully we�ve moved a step closer to that.

(On inside play) We felt like we could have her presence about us in the paint. That was our game plan. Tammy played big, and our perimeter players did a good job of getting the ball into the post. Tan had an excellent game as well. It was great execution on our team�s part. They followed the game plan and stuck with it. I thought they showed a tremendous amount of character. New York�s a very good team. They�re loaded offensively, and they can put up points quickly. We just really hung in there.

(On the rest of the season�s outlook) We aren�t looking that far ahead. We�re taking it one game at a time. We�re breaking it down to one possession at a time. We don�t want to look back, but we cannot look to far forward.

(On the difference in this game) We scored. We outrebounded them. If you do that in this league, more than likely you�re going to get a win.

(On recovering from the losing streak) Anytime you start the season 1-9, there�s a lot of tension in the locker room, there�s a lot of tension in the coach�s room. It�s hard, but I think it builds character. I don�t think anybody in this room didn�t believe throughout that we�re going to turn it around. And we are going to turn it around. We just have to get some more wins, gain some camaraderie. This is a great atmosphere. We just want to polish it up and keep winning.

(On the play of the starters) It was about the starters producing. I think we need to be on the floor to produce. As a unit, I think [Coach Lacey] put us out there for a long time. We used our experience and got the win.

(On how to build momentum) If we keep winning. It takes one win. I think we have some momentum going into Tuesday night against Washington. They are where we want to be at this point in playoff contention.

(On the game) We just wanted to come out strong. We knew that rebounding and shooting have been something we�ve been focused on to dominate tonight. Fortunately we outrebounded them and I think that was the difference.

(On her opportunities in the post) We just wanted to start off the game down low. Hopefully establish an inside game and then go outside. I think when they started to play outside a little bit more, it opened it up for Tangela and myself to work inside.