(On the game) It�s a frustrating situation that we�re really trying to work through. We used our younger players and I thought they put forth a really good effort, and I think that�s important when you�re rebuilding a team. You have to put the younger players out there and give them some experience. That�s how you build. We knew that this was going to be a rebuilding year, and we�ve just got to continue to work our way through it.

(On giving the bench more minutes) The only way that younger players will get experience and that opportunity to play is just to put them out there and let them play, and I thought they showed a lot of heart and determination. That�s the only way that they�ll get experience, and you have to do that for us to move forward. It�s a transition period for us. We had a team where a lot of players had been here for eight years and the same starting group for five years. We made wholesale changes, and it�s a transition. Unfortunately for [the players], they�re not getting the results that they want, and they�ve been working so hard. It�s just not showing up for them in the games.

(On the season) We knew when we made the changes that it was going to be a transition year for us. I think the players that we have are good players. It�s just a matter of taking some time for them to really work together and get a feel for each other, especially on the offensive end. What I have to continue to do with them is believe in them and help us stick together. We�ll work through it together.

(On playing her team-oriented style of basketball) We�ve always played team basketball, unselfish basketball. The team concept we believe is the right way to play the game. That�s how they do it. They�ve worked hard to embrace it. Right now, we�re not getting the results that we want, but do we have the right concept? I believe that we do.

(On the game) They shot 50 percent from the field. They scored about 60 points. If you hold someone to 60 points in this league, usually you can get a win. We had trouble putting the ball in the hole. We�ve just got to find a way to put the ball in the hole. We�ve got to get people to score and get stops at certain times of the game, and 49 points won�t do it in any game. That won�t even get you in the rec league.

(On comparing this team with the 2001 team that started 1-10) We�re one loss removed from that. Hopefully it doesn�t get to that. We certainly can draw on those experiences. But our 2001 team put a little more points on the scoreboard, and that�s the name of the game right now.

(On what�s needed for a win) We�ve just got to hit shots. We have to get equal contributions from the post, perimeter, bench production and all of that. Everybody�s got to be accountable for making shots and hitting shots. If we�re going to shoot shots, we�ve got to make sure that we�re going to make them.

(On whether she could have anticipated this start) No, not in my wildest dreams. But, this is reality. This is what we�re faced with. Our true character will come out. We�re faced with a huge challenge. I think this experience will help us, good or bad, somewhere down the line.

(On whether confidence is an issue) Not with me. I�m very confident when I step onto the floor. I think that we have a chance to win the basketball game every time we step out onto the court. We just have to have that for 40 minutes from everybody. Any little negative energy that may creep in can�t. It�s like little dust mites, they just accumulate. It just takes one, but somehow there�re millions of them. That can�t be our thought process.

(On the game) I think they had a lot of second chance points, a lot of offensive rebounds. They just basically outrebounded us. They shot decently inside and just came up with a lot of hustle.

(On her improvement over the season) Personally, I haven�t really looked at it. We�re 1-9, and that�s how I look at it. I think that�s basically it. I haven�t come too far in helping the team at all. I just have to get back at it and try to improve every day.

(On not converting chances in the second half) There were numerous times in the game where we could have come up with a big possession offensively or a big-stop defensively. Unfortunately, we didn�t capitalize on that possession. It took a lot out of us to keep going for two minutes. It was great hustle. We chased after loose balls and came up with it, but in the end we just didn�t come up with it.

(On how to stop big centers like Feenster) Just try to get them out of the lane, try to get them out of their comfort zone. For the most part with Tammy [Sutton-Brown] and Tan[gela Smith], Teana [Miller] and myself, we�re basically undersized in the post. Feenster is 6-8 and Chantelle Anderson is 6-7. Those players are taller than us, and one�s coming off the bench. It�s tough to defend that.