(On tonight's game) It was an awesome team effort. I give our team all the credit. They�ve worked through some tough times and they�ve worked through people not believing in them. They kept working hard, they kept fighting. I knew that they had it in them. We never stop believing in each other. That is what it takes to win a championship. We define ourselves by defense, our athletic ability, and our shooting to be able to win.

(On whether it was surprise to beat the Sparks) You always expect L.A. to play well, but we played well too. We shot 52 percent from the floor, 57 percent from three-point [range]. We shot 80 percent from the free throw line. They are a tough big team. We battled with them. We never backed down. We knew that we needed to score against them. What we�ve talked about all season long has been playing defense and having our defense transition into easy baskets. That�s what we did tonight.

(On how to sustain the momentum to the road trip) We sustain it like we got here. We just continue to work hard and continue to believe. That�s the only way that I know. I never think about losing. I don�t want them to spend any time thinking about the losses. We just need to continue to think about what we do well. Execute and let the chips fall where they may.

(On holding Lisa Leslie to 16 points) We knew that we couldn�t give her any easy looks. She�s a phenomenal player and they have a great team. Teasley�s a great player, Holdsclaw is obviously a great player. But like I said, our strength is in our numbers. When we�re playing well together with everybody defending and we don�t have mental lapses and meltdowns, we�re a pretty good team.


(On the meaning of the win) It was big. We needed that �X� to go in that column. We need confidence, to not lose it and stay up. Tonight we were aggressive from the start. This is what we�re about. That�s what this team is put together for. Now that we got a taste of it, we can get a run going and build on tonight.

(On beating the Sparks) It�s huge. They�re an established team. They put together a team everybody�s picking to win the championship this year. The fact that we came out and didn�t back down and played our game and executed. We just had a game of all-around defense where we did the things we needed to do.

(On why the win was good) This was definitely a big win for us considering we were 0-3. By beating a good team like the Sparks, makes the win even bigger. Hopefully we can carry this momentum on the road.

(On getting a team effort) It�s very important, but the Sparks are the type of team where you�re going to have to put yourself on the scoreboard. You�re going to have to knock down shots and finish shots, and I thought we just did that well. When we�re able to score from the perimeter and inside, I think we�re a threat out there on the floor. It�s when one of us isn�t doing our job or when one of us isn�t putting the ball in the hole that we have trouble.

(On winning a high-scoring game over the Sparks) I love playing the Sparks. They make you have to score. And scoring makes you want to play really good defense and it�s not such a grind-out game. You know where you�re going to get your points from, you just have to knock down shots.