(On tonight's game) We did not come out and execute our game plan early. We gave Taurasi and DeForge too many early looks at the three. We were very tentative defensively and really executive the game plan tonight until the final 10 minutes. We got back into it, but it was too late.

(On the Mercury's three-point shooting) It was a combination of things. Some of it was us backing off of them, and some of it was them hitting some really tough shots. Defensively in the second half, we really got after them. We made them miss a lot of shots. We've just got to execute a game plan for 40 minutes. That's the bottom line.

(On what was missing offensively) The perimeter. Sheri didn't score tonight. Allison had 10, but she had some tough looks. You expect them to be all over Allison. In the first two games, Sheri scored the ball and our post players didn't. Tonight the post players scored well and the perimeter didn't.

(On breaking the losing streak) Believe it or not, it is going to come together. I saw some very good signs in the last 10 minutes. We just have to go out and play with that aggressiveness and desire for 40 minutes.

(On improved free throw shooting) At Indiana we shot 45 percent from the free throw line and it cost us the game. Tonight we come back and shoot 82 percent from the free throw line. Pieces of it are coming together and getting better, so eventually we'll hit that zone and everything's going to work.

(On the problem with the offense) We're getting a lot of looks, a lot of easy looks. The first half we missed a ton of shots from right underneath the basket. We gave up six three's in the first half, so we traded three points for two points and we just can't let that happen. Right now, it's just a lack of concentration. We're getting good looks.

(On what it will take for her team to win on Saturday) Play tough. Play to win. Play for 40 minutes.


(On tonight's game) We didn't play 40 minutes of basketball. We came out in the second half and played okay in the last 10 minutes of the game, but this is a 40-minute basketball game. We waited too late to try and get back into the game and unfortunately that's not going to cut it. We have to play 40 minutes from the beginning of the game to the end of the game. We just didn't do that.

(On making adjustments) I think our defense is there but our offense isn't there yet. We just need to open up and execute our plays better and just play more together as a team. Overall, we need to play hard for 40 minutes.

(On the game) We didn't play our best defense and that kind of put us in a hole. It's hard to fight back and play in the second half because it's key to come out strong in the first half.

(On adjustments) i think we just need to dig down and find a way. Basically it comes down to scoring and we just didn't get on that initially right out of the gate.

(On the game) I think it's a good sign our post players played extremely well tonight. We just have to put the combination of our post and perimeters playing together great in one night and it will be a great night for us.

(On the losing streak) We've been in this position before. You get a couple of wins under your belt, even just one win and it can snowball into a couple of wins. We just have to stay together. We can't point fingers. Once we get that one win, we will feel a lot better at practice and going into basketball games. We'll be alright.