(On Connecticut's second-half run) We had trouble stopping their zone. They changed defenses, trapped us and took us out of what we wanted to do offensively and really took us out of our rhythm. We had a couple of crucial turnovers and gave them some easy baskets, so it�s hard to recover from that. That�s all it takes when your playing a great team. Other than that, I thought we played a great game.

(On if it was a disadvantage to play the Sun two times in a row) Not really; both times we could have won the game. Hopefully if anything, this gives us confidence that we can play against the best in the league.

(On who she thought played well for Charlotte) Dawn played an exceptional game, and Tammy played well, too, but it takes us all to play a 40-minute game.

DAWN STALEY (15 Pts, 7 Assts, 4 Rebs)
(On the Sun's second-half run) We turned the ball over and gave them easy possessions. Whether we made or missed, we were able to slow them down (for most of the game) and it payed dividends for us. When they get out and run, they are a hard team to keep up with.

(On playing Connecticut back-to-back) I�d rather do it preparation wise. Also, if you lose, you get a chance to avenge the loss right away. They made some adjustments in this game. They played more zone and kept the ball out of my hands, and they did a pretty good job of it. They got some easy buckets, took the lead and held on to it.

TAMMY SUTTON-BROWN (12 Pts, 11 Rebs)
(On the Connecticut's run in the second half) We have to take care of the ball. (We have to) do what we did in the first half - attack the rim and get good ball movement, basically.

(On the Sun having the best record in the WNBA) The league is so even. There are a lot of great teams, but they are playing really well right now.