McCarville And Stinson Help Throw A Class Party
May 16, 2006

Not many exciting events take place on a Tuesday afternoon, but for one third grade class at Elizabeth Traditional Elementary School, Tuesday turned into a memorable occasion as the Sting dropped by for a party.

Selected because of their efforts in a recent Science Bowl competition, the class had the opportunity to meet Sting forward Janel McCarville and community relations ambassador Andrea Stinson.

After a warm welcome from the students, Stinson and McCarville spent several minutes answering the students� questions.

�We got to come in and interact with the kids,� remarked McCarville. �They asked us questions and every question was different -- they were all intriguing. They all had something to do with basketball, and the kids were really excited about learning.�

The question-and-answer session was a great time for the students to learn a little more about the WNBA and also gave the players some ideal teaching moments. The duo discussed with the students how making mistakes is part of basketball just like it�s a part of life. If you learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them, you�re going to be okay. They also discussed with the kids how it�s okay to feel scared when you are facing new situations like moving into a new grade level or playing with a new team.

The discussion wasn�t all serious though, as Stinson and McCarville talked with the students about some of their favorite places to play as well as the feeling they get playing in front of a crowd.

�It�s exhilarating to play in front of thousands of people and know they�re cheering for you,� McCarville told the students.

Following the question-and-answer session, the students got another surprise as Sting mascot Buggsy and Gill Getwell from Presbyterian Hospital made a grand entrance.

Buggsy and Gill Getwell helped Stinson and McCarville pass out Sting orange and blue cupcakes, as well as Sting T-shirts to all the kids.

�I think the kids were wonderfully excited,� said Raymond Giovanni, the principal at Elizabeth Elementary. �It�s wonderful anytime a professional athlete is willing to give back to the community.�

Getting out in the community is something the players enjoy as well.

�It always puts a smile on my face to get out in the community and talk to the kids and let them know that we care,� said Stinson.