Get To Know Janel McCarville

After missing the first three games of the season with inflammation in her back, Janel McCarville has returned to the court has is beginning to find her niche. recently talked with the second-year forward to find out a little more about her away from the hardwood.

What was your childhood ambition?
I think I wanted to be a police officer.

What was your favorite basketball memory?
I�d have to say going to the final four my junior year of college.

What would you do if you didn�t play basketball?
I�d probably still be in college.

Did you always want to play professional basketball?
Yes, ever since I was a kid and started playing.

What�s your favorite soundtrack?
Anything by Ludacris.

Where do you go to retreat?
My house, either here or in Wisconsin. I usually don�t let people in on my time, so I can have a little peace and quite.

What�s your wildest dream?
Wow�I don�t know, I haven't thought about it�I guess to be rich -- rich enough not to have to worry about anything.

What was your proudest moment?
Being accepted to the University of Minnesota.

What was your biggest challenge?
I�d say just being able to step up and play at the Division I level, coming from high school it is such a big change in skill level.

What type of person are you, a morning, afternoon, or night person?
I�m an all day person. It doesn�t matter unless I�m really really tired. Other than that I�m fine -- I�m good to go.

What is your perfect day?
Raining at night, the morning is a little misty, by 11:00 a.m. it turns out to be sunny and I spend the rest of the day by the pool. It has to be about 75 degrees. That�s the perfect day for me.

What was your first job?
I�ve never had a job technically. Well I worked basketball camps at the University of Minnesota.

What was your last purchase?
A zip-up sweatshirt from Urban Outfitters.

What is your favorite movie?
Boondocks Saints.

What�s your inspiration?
My mother. She�s a strong woman. She�s been diagnosed with cancer for the last four years and was given a short time to live and just fought and clawed her way back to continue to make her life a success. She does everything she can while she can.

What�s your welcome to the WNBA moment?
I think the first day of practice when all the veterans got to throw comments whenever and wherever they wanted. Also they were teasing and welcoming me in their own little way.

What athlete would you pay to see?
Kenyon Martin�that�s my boy.

Are you a fan of any other sports?
I�ll watch any basketball, professional or college. I like soccer, The World Cup. I like baseball every now and then. I like football. I like to watch anything that�s exciting, not so much tennis, but I like to play tennis. I play tennis for fun. I�m not coordinated enough to play competitively, well I am, but I�m a little big to be on the tennis court.

What will you do in 10 years?
Hopefully retired, coaching somewhere.

What�s your most embarrassing moment?
One time in college I ran out on the court and my thumb got caught on my warm up pants and it unbuttoned them all the way to the ground. I had shorts on under them, but I�m still in the layup line trying to get my pants up and do layups at the same time, so I guess that�s the most embarrassing thing so far.

Do you have any pre-game rituals?
No, I just try to stay to myself and get my mind right before the game. I just try to makes sure I am ready to go out there.