"I thought we competed very hard, and we played much better then we had previously against San Antonio. We made a lot of progress tonight. I was pleased with our effort. We had some breakdowns on the Lynx offensive rebounds and gave up some open '3's, and I really thought that was the difference in the game. Otherwise it was a pretty even contest."

"They hit five three-pointers, and I think that was the big difference in the game. It was one of those things that we had wanted to focus on, and it's easier said than done. They have so many three-point threats, and they got some looks off of offensive rebounds and kicked it out and hit some wide-open '3's."

"We had opportunities to execute down the stretch, but we just didn't. It was a hard-fought game. We have to give Minnesota credit because they were in a back-to-back game and coming off of a loss. We were up against a tough opponent and they deserved to win the game."


"We needed to take care of the ball more [down the stretch], and defensively we just have to get after it for 40 minutes -- not 35 minutes, not 30 minutes. When they have their runs, we have to stick together as a team and just fight, and that's something I don't think we did. We did have a great effort, but this season is too short."

"Hopefully this is just our slump we're going through now, and we're getting it out of the way early. It's not how you start, it's how you finish... We're happy [we had a chance at the end], but it's still upsetting to be 1-5. We were there, but these kinds of losses are so frustrating right now."

"[Hayden] is big and aggressive. She played with a lot of intensity tonight. She came out, she was on fire, she played great defense. She has long arms, and it's just hard to get around her because she's so big."

"[Hayden] is a good player. Obviously she's very strong, very physical. Six blocks tonight, geez... She's a good player and playing well for them right now."

"We've been struggling a little bit, and we needed a game like this. Unfortunately it didn't go the way we wanted it to, but we fought hard and that's a positive thing -- a step in the right direction... One thing we need to get better at is defending and making sure we play defense all the way through."

"[Lewis] came in and gave us a spark, which we definitely needed. She really stepped up and it was very positive. I think a lot of us fed off that, so that was a good thing."