Cathy Joens Update

Hola. �Como estas, Sky fans? I have been here in Madrid for about four months and I thought it was about time that I said hello to my family, friends and supporters back home. Since the last time I saw you, a couple of things have changed in my life. The big news is that I am now married. Don�t worry, I won�t be hyphenating the back of my jersey or anything, so you can still call me �CJ.�

My husband Patrick and I are definitely beach people since we both grew up in California and spend most of our free time together at Laguna or Newport Beach. We got engaged on the beach and thought it fitting to get married there as well. We did not do the typical beach wedding; instead, we got married on a yacht in Newport. We did most of our wedding planning when I had to leave the team during the season due to the trade and salary cap issues.

On September 14th, the day of the wedding, we had so much fun with our family and friends. Needless to say, my house was chaos, due to my four brothers, three sisters and me all getting ready for the wedding at the same time. Everyone commented that I was the calmest bride they had ever seen, but I guess when you are marrying your best friend, there is nothing to worry about.

On the yacht we did typical vows, had dinner, a champagne toast, cake and lots of dancing. Patrick and I left our party at sea by gondola and started our honeymoon. We honeymooned at the Ritz Carlton in Dana Point and then we left early for Spain to continue our honeymoon for a week in Madrid before my season started.

I am sure you are wondering what I am doing here in Madrid during my free time. My mom always asks me, �What do you do in your free time?� as if I am just hanging out in Spain. What free time? Well actually, we have some, but basketball definitely consumes most of our time. Since I was in France the last two years, I now have to change gears and refresh my Spanish. I am in classes twice a week, we have practices twice a day and I spend time reading, studying and working out. I am also on the internet reading what is going on in the world, checking email and -- as I am sure you all are doing-- following the Sky players over here.

Madrid is treating us well. It is a good place for us!! I enjoy my teammates and the city. We were able to return home for Christmas for a week with our family. It was short but well worth it. We are now back in Madrid where I am working out trying to improve so that I can do whatever possible to help make the Chicago Sky a playoff team in 2008!!!

Hasta luego, mis amigos. Go Sky!

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