Steve Swetoha Q&A

1. What is the biggest change you�ve seen in this team from year one to year five?

We see a team on and off the court that is maturing and whose work ethic has increased. We have always had players work hard at improving their game, but the amount of players that come in early for practice to get additional shots or work in has been great to see. Not only prior to practices but after practices as well. It shows us their commitment to improving their game.

2. Now that the season is over, what will your first priority be in preparation for next season?

First, we conducted exit interviews. Our coaches reviewed the season and identified elements they want our players to work on during the offseason. Our focus for the next few months will be on our roster, restricted and unrestricted free agents, and the 2015 draft.

3. What will be some goals you have for your front office going into next season?

From a basketball perspective, our goals have never changed. We want to win championships. A goal to be the best organization in sports on and off the court is something we will continue to work on and become. Whether it is volunteering in the market for a non-profit organization, selling tickets or sponsorships, recruiting, our goal is to be the best organization in sports.

4. How does a typical day in your office differ from season to offseason?

The only difference is we are not preparing for any games. We often hear the question "what do you do in the offseason?" Our offseason is critical in our planning and preparation for the upcoming season. Whether it is basketball operations or business, every department is working diligently in preparation for 2015. Our offseason (September through May) is just as important, and our staff puts in as many hours as they do during the actual season, there really is not an "offseason."

5. What advantages do you see to working with an involved ownership group as you have this past season?

The advantage of having ownership local and involved in our community is not only important but it gives us an additional extension to our brand. All of our owners have had great success in business, and our ability to take their experiences in market is a great asset. Our ownership group is well connected in the business community and to non-profit sectors, and we will continue to use those relationships in building our brand. As important is our owners who are active and involved, and them being seen at games and in the community shows the commitment they have to our community and team.

6. What is your favorite thing about this team and about the city of Tulsa now that you have been a part of it for five years?

Not sure I have enough room to share my favorite things about this team and city. This is a team that is hungry and eager to bring a championship to our city, and we have a staff that continues their devotion to the community through volunteering, serving on non-profit boards, and by simply giving back to the community.

7. Where do you see the future of this franchise going?

Winning championships and making Tulsa proud of what we do on and off the court.

8. In the past having the second overall pick has proved well for Tulsa, what advantage do you see the Shock having after being awarded this pick for the 2015 draft?

Anytime you have a chance to pick in the first few selections you are going to get a really good player that should help your team. There are some really good players in this draft.

9. What do the league awards given to Skylar Diggins, Courtney Paris and Odyssey Sims do for the franchise?

We are thrilled for Court, Sky and O, and our entire organization is so proud of them. We believe we are going to be set at the guard position for a long time, and we have two young players who will continue to work on their game and get better every year. With Courtney we have someone who has worked incredablly hard and has proven she's a top center in this league.