President's Mailbag: Training Camp 2012

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Steve Swetoha has been the President of the Tulsa Shock since their move to Tulsa in 2009. He is entering his third year as the leader of the organization. You can follow Steve on Twitter @SteveSwetoha or submit questions here.

How do you see your three new bigs (Johnson, Baugh, Kizer) fitting in at training camp and during the season?

With Liz being out for half the season it was really critical we focus on getting the 4 and 5 positions either through the draft or free agency. We had all three players high on our board and we still can�t believe they all were available at that point of the draft. This group certainly has the potential to become good players in our league and training camp will be a good start to see how they can be of potential help this season.

How do you see Riquna Williams fitting in with Ivory Latta and Temeka Johnson already on the roster?

To us, Riquna can play either the 1 or 2. Coach Meier (Riquna�s coach in college) played her at both positions while at the University of Miami. It is too early to tell where she will fit in but she has the skill to play both positions. I know Coach likes her explosiveness and that she sees the floor well. We will certainly learn more about Riquna over the next few weeks of camp.

What are you expectations going into training camp?

A competitive, high energy camp that has a lot of teaching and implementing a lot of our offensive and defensive sets. With two preseason games this year it will give us a better feel for where some of our players are from a development and experience level. It should be a great camp!

Will all 15 players in training camp travel to the April 5th game in Atlanta?

Yes, all 15 players will travel to Atlanta. This will be a great opportunity to take what we have learned in practices this week into a live game situation.

Now that the draft is over and free agency has ended� rate your offseason.

We have had a solid off-season starting with the hiring of Gary. We have assembled a great coaching staff and signed a few good free agents. We thought we had a successful draft�on paper. We never want to rank where we think we will be but we are excited with the four (4) players we selected and that they all can make an impact this year.

Are all four of the draft picks going to be on the training camp roster?

Yes, all four (4) are in camp and working extremely hard. They all come from very good programs and we can see their energy, athleticism and effort on and off the court. It is an exciting group to watch and I can�t wait to see them hit the floor in Atlanta this weekend.

How many players on the current roster have guaranteed contracts this season?

Currently, we have four (4) players that have guaranteed contracts. Scholanda, Jennifer, Tiffany and Temaka. We can have up to six (6) players guaranteed.

Are all the players back from overseas? If not, who's still abroad?

Temeka Johnson will be finishing in the next few days and will report to Tulsa on Monday, May 7th.

Thanks for the great questions and we look forward to seeing more questions as the season gets going.

Go Shock!

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