President's Mailbag: Swoopes Returning in 2012?

Steve Swetoha has been the President of the Tulsa Shock since their move to Tulsa in 2009. He is entering his third year as the leader of the organization. You can follow Steve on Twitter @SteveSwetoha or submit questions here.

Steve, is there any chance that the Shock will put their games on a Tulsa radio station and/or on the Shock's internet site for 2012. It would be nice to have all the games here in Tahlequah and we do not have Cox Cable, so there is no way to watch the games here.
- Jim Trickett

We have debated whether or not to put our games on radio in the presence of WNBA Live Access where you can watch all of the home (if you are not able to make it to the BOK Center) and away games online. This has been a huge success for our organization as well for the league and we will continue to make the necessary changes to LiveAccess to ensure that�s it�s an entertaining alternative to watch games online. You can sign up online through's Live Access.

What is the status of the GM search, and subsequent coaching decision? What is your timeplan on getting these two positions filled?
- Cathy Furlong

We have been working very diligently since the end of the Shock regular season to form our Basketball Operations staff. As you can imagine we have had numerous calls about the head coaching and general manager position, and it is our goal to have some of these individuals in place by the beginning of January. So stay tuned the next few weeks as we look to finalize our basketball staff.

Steve, I am wondering when the coaching issue will be settled. Also, what type of player in the draft do you think we need the most. I understand you cannot talk specifics, however, do you feel a shooting guard, a small forward, and a scorer off the bench are our biggest needs? By trade or FA?
- Todd Mintz

As I had mentioned in the previous question from Cathy, we are working extremely hard to make sure we hire the right staff on the court. It has taken a bit longer than we anticipated but that is only because we have had a number of potential coaching candidates that we have been talking to and we want to make sure we are doing our due diligence in the process. Since you follow our team on a consistent basis we would say that we are going to be looking at all of the scenarios you have listed in order to improve our basketball team. We do believe we will get a solid pick where we currently sit at number four in the draft.

Now that we have the 4th pick in the draft, any thoughts as to who we might be leaning towards drafting with our first round pick?
- Steve Wooten

Hey Steve, in looking at the draft we are going to have a few possibilities that our basketball operations staff will be reviewing. It is really hard to say right now since we will begin looking at the draft board to see what teams in front of us may be looking to do. A lot of this can change between now and April with teams signing free agents, moving certain draft picks and/or trades. We have a good idea who the top 10 players are in the draft and at some point will start identifying the top five and who may be available when we select with the number four pick.

Has the Shock offered Sheryl Swoopes a contract for the 2012 season? Her presence on the court calmed the team, elevated their confidence, not to mention her own skills as a player.
- Betsy Barnes

We are not able to start any discussions with any players that are not under contract until the middle of January, 2012. As I have mentioned in some of the earlier questions, once we have our basketball staff in place it will not take us much time to determine our needs and getting players that are going to fit the new coach�s style of play. So there's more to come as we get into the winter and spring months heading into the draft.

Is it true the Shock are moving to OKC?
- NaCretia Alexander

NaCretia, the Shock and our ownership group, players and staff are so thrilled to be in Tulsa and a part of this wonderful community. We are committed to this market and to bringing a WNBA championship to the City of Tulsa!

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