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Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Deanna Nolan Chat Transcript

Deanna "Tweety" Nolan is currently ranked fourth in the league in scoring and steals, seventh in assists, fifth in minutes played and 14th in free throw percentage. She posted the fourth triple double in WNBA history in the Shock's season opener vs. Connecticut on May 21, and set team marks for points (34 vs. NY, June 3) and assists (11 vs. Ct., May 21). She is currently third in the Eastern Conference All-Star Balloting for guards.

Chat with Nolan on Tuesday, June 28 at 3:00 p.m. on

Deanna Nolan: I want to thank everybody for coming online and chatting with me today.

BALL-A-HOLIC: When did you know you wanted to play basketball?

Deanna Nolan: In the third grade I knew I wanted to play basketball. It was the sport that I enjoyed the most out of all of the sports that I played at the time.

Southfield: Hi Deanna, I really love your game. What has been the biggest motivator for you this year regarding how you've really been able to elevate your game to new heights?

Deanna Nolan: I think that knowing with Swin out, I know I have to score more with her out of the game. Other people also have been picking up the slack and scoring more.

Vince Prygoski (Flint, Michigan!!!): Hi, Deanna! Thanks for the autograph after the Seattle game. You and Stacey truly are the Pride of Flint! What do you think the Shock needs to do to get back on track this season?

Deanna Nolan: One of the things we need to do is to be a little more focused and intense. Two of the four games we lost in a row we know we could have won. We have to play 40 minutes instead of 30-35.

Boston: What is your favorite moment playing with the Shock?

Deanna Nolan: Winning the WNBA Championship was by far my favorite moment playing in Detroit.

Ron: Bloomfield Hills: Hey there Tweety how's it going. When well we see our captain back in action and what's her progress like?

Deanna Nolan: I don�t know when she�ll be back. She is progressing; she�s getting better every day. But unfortunately, I don�t know when she�ll return.

Australia: Hey Deanna, Your a fantastic player and your game is magnificent. I love the way you play. Down here in Australia I dont get to see all the Shock games, which I'm not to happy about, but I try and watch as often as I can. Basketball is my life and I don't know what i would do without it. You, without a doubt, are my favorite player and you have been a big role in my basketball life. I was just wondering who was your inspiration to start playing ball and who is your favorite player? Thanx Tweety, you are a Champion.

Deanna Nolan: My favorite basketball player is Allen Iverson. My inspiration came from watching all kinds of basketball � high school, college, professional and more.

Scott (Augusta): Tweet, What have you done during the off-season to take your game to the next level? What type of pressure, if any, do you feel after hearing the analysts talking about you having the potential to be the best guard in the league?

Deanna Nolan: In the off-season, I worked on driving to the basket a little more and my passing a lkittle bit. I got better at seeing the court. I don�t feel any pressure really; they comment on what they see out of me so I don�t feel any pressure.

Boston: Can you give a few words of advice to those who want to play in the WNBA?

Deanna Nolan: Work hard in the sport, put in a lot of hours working on dribbling and shooting, and stick with it. If it�s something that you want to do, stick with it.

New York: What do you like to do with your spare time?

Deanna Nolan: I like to shop, watch movies, go bowling, surf the internet, and anything that�s fun to do.

Demorris ( Pensacola): Hey there. Good game against the Sparks. I do have one question though. Since you're the leading scorer on the team when Swin comes back will you still be the number one option on offense?

Deanna Nolan: I probably will be the option on offense until she gets back into the act of playing because she�s been out for so long now.

Tameiko(Tennillle): How does it feel to be one of the top players in the league?

Deanna Nolan: It�s great to know that I�m considered one of the top players in the league. I�ve worked very hard and I�ve put a lot of hours in the gym to become the player that I am today.

Donald(Little Rock, AR): Deanna, you are one of the most talented palyers in the WNBA today. What do you plan on doing after you retire from the WNBA?

Deanna Nolan: I will likely teach or coach after I retire. I�m not sure what grade level I�d want to teach just yet.

Kennedy, Los Angeles: Deanna: What does it feel like to be only the fourth player to ever record a triple double and be in a category with such great company?

Deanna Nolan: Yeah, it is pretty neat. Being the fourth was great, but I didn�t know I had done it until the end of the game. It was a great accomplishment to be only the fourth person to do it.

Brittany (Canada): I would like to know what kind of music you listen to and who's your favorite artist or band?

Deanna Nolan: I don�t have a crush on any celebrities right now. I listen to all types of music. I can�t just name just one artist, but one of my favorites is Jill Scott.

Vickie (Dearborn Heights): Hey Deanna, You are one of my favorite WNBA players. I was wondering if you can dunk, and if so, would you ever do it in a game if you had the chance to?

Deanna Nolan: Injuries. I tore 15% of my patella tendon in my left knee, so I caouldn�t run or jump for about three months.

Brittany (Ann Arbor): Yes, I can dunk. I might do it in a game if I had the opportunity to. It depends on the situation; like if we�re up by 15-20 points at the end of the game, I might try and do it then.

Deanna Nolan: Injuries. I tore 15% of my patella tendon in my left knee, so I caouldn�t run or jump for about three months.

Deanna Nolan: Thanks again for chatting with me this afternoon. I hope to see you at the game this Friday. Send in more questions if you have them!