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Sunday, December 25, 2005
Deanna Nolan Chat Transcript

Deanna "Tweety" Nolan will be home for the holidays and attending the Detroit Pistons game on Christmas Day. Nolan is currently playing basketball overseas for Anda Ramat Hasharon in Israel. Nolan and Shock teammate Cheryl Ford are playing well and have their team atop the standings.

Nolan chatted with Shock fans during the Pistons vs. Spurs game on Sunday, December 25 on

Deanna Nolan: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Shock fans! Thanks for logging on to chat with me today.

Merry Christmas! What was under your tree this morning?

Deanna Nolan: Clothes, shoes, a little Gucci fanny pack. Santa was pretty good to me.

Roni Israel: What is the funniest gift you have ever received or gave to someone?

Deanna Nolan: I don't know if it was the funniest gift I ever got, but for some reason when I read your question I thought of this pink full-body pajama suit with the feet in it I got when I was a kid. And I hate pink.

Joe (UK): Hi Deanna! Thanks for chatting with us on Christmas day. My question is, how much different is basketball in Israel compared to WNBA basketball? Merry Christmas!

Deanna Nolan: The biggest differences are in the rules, but overseas the play is more physical, The refs let a lot go that gets called in the WNBA. And me being 5-10, I'm a tall guard over there. Cheryl is a 4 here, but she's a 5 overseas. Most of the post players overseas are shorter than 6-0.

Roni Israel: What do you most enjoy in Ramat Hasharon that you dont have in Detroit?

Deanna Nolan: 75 to 80 degree temperatures.

It's a Florida kind of atmosphere over there year round. I did NOT want to come back to the snow.

Patty (LA): Do you think you will be playing the point a lot since Powell left? If so do you think it will effect your individual performance?

Deanna Nolan: I think I'll be playing some point, hopefully not a lot, but I think I'll be playing it as a back up for a 1 Bill is bringing in, The 1 isn't my natural position. It takes me away from the 2 which I prefer to play.

Roni Israel: Do you have pets?

Deanna Nolan: I have three dogs, two chihuahuas (Dallas and Jazzy) and one miniature pincher (Duke)

Pilight: How many tattoos do you have now? Which one is your favorite?

Deanna Nolan: Hold on a second. Let me double-check.

I still have 16 tattoos, and my favorite is the butterfly on my back. It was the most painful, so I remember it the most.

Samaria (Ferndale): Who is the toughest person for you to guard?

Deanna Nolan: The toughest person for me to guard is Sheryl Swoopes just because if she makes a move and you stop her one way, she counters that with another one. You may think you've got her trapped and all of a sudden she's shooting over you, and she makes a lot of them.

Jill: Where do you like to shop for clothes?

Deanna Nolan: I do most of my shopping online. I'm keeping ebay in business.

Ryan, Detroit: Why do wear number 14?

Deanna Nolan: There's no particular reason. I've just been wearing it since I was in the 6th grade. This is the first year I've worn 14 overseas. I've been number 9, number 4 and number 11 in other countries. You don't get to pick your number overseas. All numbers are 1 through 15, and the bigger girls normally get the higher numbers.

Renee (Detroit): Who does your braids?

Deanna Nolan: Her name is Angie Bell. I think Swin gave me her number three year ago. I found somebody pretty quickly to do my hair in Israel. In Poland it was hard to find somebody. In Spain and Italy they had shops that I could go in to to get it done.

Katia Kaur (SF Bay Area): May I ask you what is your middle name?

Deanna Nolan: Nicole. What's yours?

Bailey (Detroit) : How long is your hair?

Deanna Nolan: My hair is probably down past my neck if I take my braids out.

Pilight: I heard that you might be on Team USA for the World Championships next year. Any news on that?

Deanna Nolan: No news yet. I'd love to play on the team, though. As some of you might know, I tried out for the Olympic Team in 2004, and we played three or four games overseas. Hopefully I'll get the opportunity to try out again.

Jenny (Macomb): How do you think the Chicago Sky will fair this season?

Deanna Nolan: I think the Sky will be pretty good this year. They have got some good, experienced players in the Expansion Draft, and every team can give you a game in this league. Having veterans like EP and Stacey Lovelace should help right away while their younger players learn the league.

Niecy (DC): What team do you like playing again't the most?

Deanna Nolan: Connecticut, just because we've built up a little rivalry over the past few years. There's been a little good-natured trash talking beyween the players and the coaching staffs, which makes things interesting when we play them.

Katia Kaur (SF Bay Area): Hi Deanna you are playing overseas in Isreal and may I ask do you keep your nickname Tweety, even in Isreal or do they just call you by your first name?

Deanna Nolan: Some people call me Tweety, Some people call me Deanna. Some people call me Nolan. And some people call me D.

Roni Israel: Who was your biggest inspiration when you grew up?

Deanna Nolan: I don't know that I had a single person that inspired me. Growing up I liked Anfernee Hardaway, and now I like AI. We also had some great players in Flint to look up to. From a non-basketball standpoint, my mother is my biggest inspiration.

Deanna Nolan: Thanks again for joining me this Christmas. I hope everybody has a safe and happy holiday season.