Ticha Penicheiro and the Sacramento Monarchs are looking to defend their 2005 WNBA Championship. While she and the Monarchs prepared for the Western Conference Finals, Ticha answered some of your questions.

Do you think Coach Whis will use a 10 or 12 players during the Playoffs? Who in the second round would you prefer to play? Do you think the WNBA Championships will be the same as last year? What is your opinion of the new girls on the team? And who do you think will stay in Sac in the future? There is ABSOLUTELY no doubt in my mind that the Monarchs are taking the whole thing. GOOOOO MONARCHS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
- Brandon, Sacramento, CA

Ticha Penicheiro:
Yes, Coach Whiz will use our entire playoff roster during the post season. It really doesn�t matter who we play in the second round. The rookies on this year�s team are great additions that bring athleticism and outside shooting. They�ve learned out system.

Ticha Penicheiro and the Monarchs swept the Comets in the First Round.
Bill Baptist/NBAE/Getty Images
Hey Ticha, What will it take for you guys to repeat this season? Well whatever it takes, I want you to do that! You rock!
- Kelsi, Sacramento, CA

Ticha Penicheiro: For us to repeat we need to be consistent both defensively and offensively.

What will winning the championship in the WNBA' tenth season mean to you?
- Estee, Buffalo, NY

Ticha Penicheiro: It felt great to win a Championship last year. For us to repeat would make it known that we belong and have a legacy. Winning the 10th or the 1st WNBA Championship really doesn�t matter; just wanting to win a Championship is what playing is all about..

Ticha, What kind of music do you usually listen to for getting ready for the playoffs?
- Patrick, Ogden, UT

Ticha Penicheiro: I like to listen to Hip-Hop and R&B to get me ready for the game.

What did you do to work on your ball handling?
- Chante, St. Louis, MO

Ticha Penicheiro: Ball handling is about drills and being committed to working on those skills. The more you play it will just come naturally.