Washington Mystics guard Temeka Johnson was named the 2005 WNBA Rookie of the Year.

The 2005 WNBA Rookie of the Year was announced during Game One of the 2005 WNBA Finals this Wednesday. After receiving her trophy, she chatted with fans online live during the second half of the game from courtside.

Find out how this recent college graduate found her first year in the WNBA, what she is planning on doing in the offseason and who she thinks will win the Monarchs-Sun series.

SportsNation Moderator: (9:10 PM ET ) And here she is, the 2005 WNBA Rookie of the Year...

Jackie ( Laurel, MD): Temeka, it was pure joy watching you run the Mystics point this past season. How does it feel to have silenced all the doubters? I look forward to seeing your play and leadership continue to develop into one of the best WNBA point guards in the league for years to come.

SportsNation Temeka Johnson: (9:11 PM ET ) It feels great, but I have to realize that I will always come across people that will doubt me, and I just have to continue to play the way I am capable of playing.

Xavier (Dallas,Texas): Hi tameka johnson , my question for you is what did you learn from this season in the WNBA and what should some College Seniors Coming in the draft next year should expect?

SportsNation Temeka Johnson: (9:12 PM ET ) To come in and humble themselves. It's basically like being a freshman in college all over again. They have to remember that it is still the game of basketball and just play the way they are capable of playing.

Jacky Bethesda MD: Congrats on the rookie of the year--we Mystic fans believe in you! What are your plans for off season?

SportsNation Temeka Johnson: (9:12 PM ET ) I plan to go and play overseas in Israel.

Washington DC: First I'd like to say I hope you & your family faired well through Katrina. Secondly, Now that you've taken RTY honors. What are your plans, for taking the team further next year?

SportsNation Temeka Johnson: (9:13 PM ET ) Thank you very much. Yes, my family is fine. Plans for the future is to continue to get better in every aspect possible.

Margaret(albuquerque): How was your first year in the WNBA different from your college years? And what are your goals for next year? Thanks!!! i'm such i'm big fan!!!

SportsNation Temeka Johnson: (9:15 PM ET ) First off, it's a job. Second, you get paid for it. College years will always be the best years of your life.

Jessica Wichita<,Ks: How did the veterns treat you like the first couple weeks or so? Did they have like a rookie hell week or whatever?

SportsNation Temeka Johnson: (9:16 PM ET ) I think I was lucky. I didn't really have many problems with veterans. They actually embraced me.

AAA: First of all congradulations on winning Rookie of the Year!! I also won rookie of the year this past year at my high school! I was wondering who you thought was going to win the finals this year and why? I personally hope that Connecticut will win. Congrats again on a great year!

SportsNation Temeka Johnson: (9:17 PM ET ) It is very hard to say because of the talent in this league, especially the two teams in the Finals. It will come down to the wire.

Brittany (Greensboro, NC): As a rookie, everyone needs a mentor. Who has been yours and how helpful has he/she been in your adjustment to the WNBA?

SportsNation Temeka Johnson: (9:18 PM ET ) On the team, it would be DeLisha Milton-Jones. She took me under her wing and showed me the ropes. It really helped.

Dray: Congratulations Meek!!! I'm proud of you. I'm glad that you have showed the people who doubted you. When will you be back in Baton Rouge?

SportsNation Temeka Johnson: (9:19 PM ET ) Thank you very much. I will be back next week.

Alessa from Trumbull, CT: To the WNBA Rookie of the Year, congratulations. My question is this: After being a player do you think you will ever coach and possibly at what level?

SportsNation Temeka Johnson: (9:20 PM ET ) I would love to coach. That's what I want to do when I'm finished playing basketball. Preferrably Division I...

T(middletown,ct): Congrats. Beacause you won the award do you feel pressure to peform to another level next year,and if so how would you condition to do that?

SportsNation Temeka Johnson: (9:22 PM ET ) I am thankful for this accolade. There is no pressure in performing better next year because that's what great players do anyway. They want to improve every year. That's what I plan on doing.

SportsNation Temeka Johnson: (9:23 PM ET ) I want to thank the fans for all their support. Everyone who voted for me to be Rookie of the Year and to every person, our organization and everyone that contributed to helping the city of New Orleans.

SportsNation Moderator: (9:23 PM ET ) No, thank you Temeka, and congratulations.