Detroit rookie Swin Cash is no stranger to posteason success, having won two NCAA titles with UConn in 2000 and 2002, when she was named 2002 Final Four Most Outstanding Player. This season, however, Cash faced a challenge in Detroit, as the Shock struggled in the regular season and finished well out of playoff contention.

Cash, the No. 2 pick overall in the 2002 WNBA Draft, was a bright spot for the squad, averaging nearly 15 points and seven boards per game.

As part of's Lunch Break weekday chat series, Swin Cash chatted Friday, August 23. See what she had to say about her rookie season, Sue Bird's dancing talents and more.

Carlyle (Kansas City): Hey Swin! Thank you for being such a wonderful role model. What was the highlight of your rookie season for you? Good luck in the future seasons.

Swin Cash: I would have to say was the turnaround our team made when Bill Lambeer came on board.

Kayan (New York): Sue says that she can do the Harlem Shake better than you and she taught Tamika how to do the heel-toe ... is that true?

Swin Cash: Maybe in her dreams! (Laughs.)

wnbashockfan: Is there a man in your life or I still have a chance?

Swin Cash: No, I just separated from my boyfriend. So I'm kinda playing the field.

Haylie (CA): What has changed most in your game while being in the WNBA???

Swin Cash: I think the one thing is just my mental approach to every game. Having to be a lot more focused every night out.

Brit (Chicago): Hey Swin!!! I think you're such a great player especially a great addition to the Detroit team. Sorry to remind you, but what was it like shooting at the wrong basket in college?

Swin Cash: Well I see that that game hasn't died down. It was one of the most embarassing yet funny moments of my college career. At least I made SportsCenter.

BBallgirl4life21: Hey Swin what is your favorite move to do in a game? thanks

Swin Cash: I love the spin move, going right and then coming back to my left hand. Most people don't expect it, cause I'm right-handed.

#20: What is in your CD player right now?

Swin Cash: Nelly and Danielle Jones.

jess(south hadley, Ma): Hey Swin!!! congrats on a great rookie season! I can't wait to see you in September at the CT ALL STAR GAME!!! I was wondering what has been the strangest and funniest thing that has happened to you in your basketball career at UConn or in the WNBA? thanx!!

Swin Cash: Shooting at the wrong basket, for one. And getting to meet the President.

Barry (Columbus): Congratulations on a great rookie season. From where does the name "Swintayla" originate, and why did your mother choose that name for you?

Swin Cash: My mom and my godmother kind of put my name together and from what they told me it means "astounding woman." And it originates from Africa.

Ann (Big Bear, Calif): Swin, were you expecting the aggressive play that you encountered in the WNBA, and was it difficult to keep your composure when players got away with cheap shots?

Swin Cash: Definitely it was difficult, but the WNBA is much more physical than college, so you have to be ready for everything.

TP21Chicago: If you weren't playing basketball professionally, what do you think would you be doing now?

Swin Cash: I'd probably be going to school to finish my Master's in Sports Marketing/Management.

Tabitha (Syracuse): Who do you think will win the Washington - New York series? How do you think Asjha is playing in the playoffs?

Swin Cash: I think Asjha's playing with a lot of confidence. I want Washington to get to the finals because she deserves it.

Emma: Hey Swin, What is the craziest thing you've ever seen a fan do?

Swin Cash: There've been so many, I can't really pick one. In Detroit I saw her hair stick straight up with two pigtails, and it was dyed green. And she was dressed in blue and green. I couldn't figure out if she was cheering for me or Sue (we were playing the Storm). But she had a sign that said "Go Cash Money."

Jessica (CT): Swin, what are your plans for the offseason? Do you plan on playing in the NWBL?

Swin Cash: Right now my plans are tentative. But I'll be home in Pittsburgh and spending a lot of time in Detroit doing community work. If time works out, I'll have a chance to play in the WNBDL.

Hanson (Durham): Hi Swin, have you been watching "American Idol," and if yes, who were you rooting for?

Swin Cash: I have no idea what "American Idol" is. All I know is Paula Abdul is a judge.

kp21fan: Hey Swin, how did you get 32 as your jersey number?

Swin Cash: It just runs in the family.

Penicheiro21-4Life: What celebrity do you have a crush on?

Swin Cash: Let's just say that's a secret. But he's definitely an athlete.

Becky-NJ: Hey Swin! Who's the jokester between you, Sue, Ashja, and Tamika? Thanks and good luck next year, I love watching you play!

Swin Cash: Tamika, of course! She never shuts up.

Sarah (Grand Rapids, MI): Hey Swin, great first year. Towards the end of the year the Shock turned it around. Is there anything in your opinon you guys need to do to take it to the next level next year? Thanks a lot

Swin Cash: We have to find a pretty good center with height and just come back to training camp ready to go. We're a young team and we're exciting to watch. Only great things are ahead of us.

Swin Cash: Thanks for all the interesting questions. It's always nice to hear from the fans. God bless and Go Shock!