Diana Taurasi Signs with Turkey's Galatasaray

Taurasi will return overseas for the 2011-12 WNBA offseason
Christian Petersen/NBAE/Getty Images

Diana Taurasi will be back in Istanbul for the 2011-12 Euroleague Women season � only it won�t be with Fenerbahce.

In one of the most exciting and stunning acquisitions in the history of the competition, Diana Taurasi will swap the shirt of Fenerbahce and play for Galatasaray next season as they get one over on their fierce rivals in spectacular style.

Widely acknowledged as the best player in the world, Taurasi and EuroLeague Women titles go hand in hand. Having also signed one of the hottest properties in the form of Spanish sensation Alba Torrens, Galatasaray has made the biggest statement possible that it's ready to make a major play for the 2012 title.

It had been widely anticipated that Taurasi would be back with Fenerbahce to finish the job she started last season before her premature departure, but this amazing saga and indeed dramatic twist merely typifies what is turning into an absolutely epic off season characterized by a rash of high-profile moves during the last couple weeks.

However, signings don�t get any bigger than Taurasi moving to a new team, and with the added dimension of now trying to cross the intense divide between the two great rival clubs in Istanbul, there is bound to be fireworks and even more tension than usual when the teams match up again next season.

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