WNBA Stars Postgame Quotes

The following is a collection of quotes from the WNBA Stars upon completion of Saturday's WNBA vs. USA Basketball: The Stars at the Sun game at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT.

Coach Brian Agler, Seattle Storm

COACH AGLER: Obviously played against the best team in the world today, the best players, great coach. They're organized. They've got decisions to make. We knew that this wasn't your typical All Star Game. This was a team that was motivated to play from an individual standpoint because a lot of them are on the bubble trying to make this squad and they're in preparation mode. I think our team, you know, for the most part understanding that came out and competed. The game got away from us there a couple times. But we had a group there end of the third quarter going into the fourth that played pretty well. So I hope they do well. I know I want to wish all the players the best of luck in making that team because it's very important to them. Now it's time to get back. We did our mission of getting out of here with no injuries, get these players back to their teams.

Q. If we had an east versus west game today, who do you think would have won and why? Are there players that played for you today that you think ought to be getting serious consideration for the U.S. national team?
COACH AGLER: I'll tell you what, I think the Western Conference has some great players out there. I think it would have been a very, very good battle. The Eastern Conference, from an individual team standpoint, they happen to be strong at this moment, the halfway point. In an All Star setting, I think it's hard to say. I think it would be hard. Lindsay Whalen, Lindsey Harding, Jayne Appel are in the mix that were on our team. I know they've got a decision to make in terms of backup point guard behind Sue. I know those two are strongly being considered. But if you look at that squad, you sort of saw the 11 players they had. I would have to think that those 11 and I don't know what the final roster size will be but those 11 have a good chance of making that.

Q. Coach, Penny Taylor didn't play in the first half. Was that your choice or her choice?
COACH AGLER: Penny has had some lingering injuries. We didn't want to play her big minutes. She's also practicing with the national team here in Connecticut. In all respect to the teams in our league, we didn't want to play her heavy minutes. I was in that situation last year with Lauren when she was an All Star but she was injured and selected. So I've been there. I know how it is. You know, it was important that she play, but it was also in respect to her and her personal situation, you know, we needed to keep her held down minute wise.

Q. Speaking of Lauren, do you know what the nature of the injury is? Is she going to be able to practice with her team this week?
COACH AGLER: I'll be out on the floor with her in about 30 seconds, as soon as people quit asking questions (laughter). No, she worked out yesterday for the first time. We will increase that today. There was no relapse yesterday. You know, concussions are something that is taken pretty serious right now. Once you start on the court, get back to that mode where you're on the floor, you have about five days before they can get back into contact. So if yesterday was number one, we're looking at the early to mid next week where she could potentially be playing again.

Q. How much would you say the absence of Lauren Jackson hurt you today?
COACH AGLER: Well, I don't know if it would have changed the outcome because, you know, there was quite a difference in the score. But, I mean, you're talking about arguably the best player in the world, impacting both ends of the floor. I've said this multiple times. The reason that she is so valuable is the fact that she really dominates at both ends of the floor. She's not just an offensive player. You're talking about somebody that can defend multiple people, that can alter shots and block shots, that can roam the lane and really impact things that happen around the basket.

Penny Taylor, Phoenix Mercury

Q: On your new role with Phoenix since Cappie Pondexter was traded?
Taylor: I think obviously last year I was coming off the bench and giving that sort of energy boost. Now I�m starting and having a lot more responsibility. I think perimeter-wise, we don�t have that same pull up scorer that Cappie (Pondexter) was and so I�ve got to find other ways to contribute to scoring. We still have Diana (Taurasi), we still have Tangela (Smith) and Tamika Johnson, so everyone�s really feeling good again together.

Q: On defending Australia�s gold medal in Czech Republic from last world championships?
Taylor: I think every time is hard. I think every time it�s very difficult. The last world championships was unique in the fact that we didn�t play the U.S. in the Final, so a little different look there. I think it�s given a little motivation to the U.S. team and obviously they�re an outstanding team, very talented from top to bottom with a new coach as well they�re looking really sharp.

Q: Have you taken note of the U.S.A. plays?
Taylor: Well, my coach was in the crowd and I�m sure she was doing that, but today was a little more low key for me, just enjoying everything.