The WNBA free agent period is officially underway. Additional players who may not have been on rosters last season may also qualify as free agents and will be added to the list if and when they sign with a team. Trades, new free agent signings and player retirements will also play a part in shaping rosters in 2009.
- UFA: Unrestricted free agent; RFA: Restricted free agent
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Free Agents Leaving Coming (or Staying)
Alison Bales (to Phoenix)
Katie Feenstra Mattera (to San Antonio)
Betty Lennox (to Los Angeles)
Kasha Terry (to Seattle)
Chamique Holdsclaw
Ashley Shields (from Detroit)
Michelle Snow (from Houston)
Nikki Teasley
Free Agents Leaving Coming (or Staying)
Tye'sha Fluker (UFA)
Cathy Joens (UFA)
Chasity Melvin (to Washington) Shyra Ely (from Seattle)
Chen Nan
KB Sharp
Erin Thorn (from N.Y.)
Free Agents Leaving Coming (or Staying)
Svetlana Abrosimova (UFA)
Jolene Anderson (UFA)
Jamie Carey (RFA)
Tamika Raymond (UFA)
Nykesha Sales (UFA)
Lauren Ervin
Kerri Gardin
Anete Jekabsone-Zogota
Danielle Page
Barbara Turner
Free Agents Leaving Coming (or Staying)
Elaine Powell (UFA)
Sheri Sam (UFA)
Kelly Schumacher (to Washington)
Ashley Shields (to Atlanta)
Kara Braxton
Deanna Nolan (Cored)
Free Agents Leaving
Latasha Byears (UFA)
Mwadi Mabika (UFA)
Tamecka Dixon (to Indiana)
Shannon Johnson (to Seattle)
Hamchetou Maiga-Ba (to Sacramento)
Michelle Snow (to Atlanta)
Tina Thompson (to Los Angeles)
Free Agents Leaving Coming (or Staying)
LaToya Bond (UFA)
Kristen Mann (to Washington)
Bernadette Ngoyisa (to San Antonio)
Tully Bevilaqua
Tamika Catchings (Cored)
Tamecka Dixon (from Houston)
Yolanda Griffith (from Seattle)
Doneeka Lewis
Free Agents Leaving Coming (or Staying)
Margo Dydek (UFA)
Jessica Moore (RFA)
Kiesha Brown (to Washington)
Temeka Johnson (to Phoenix)
Raffaella Masciadri (to Minnesota)
Murriel Page (waived)
Sidney Spencer (to NY)
Christi Thomas (to Minnesota)
Marta Fernandez
Kristi Harrower (from Minnesota)
Vanessa Hayden (from Minnesota)
Betty Lennox (from Atlanta)
Lisa Leslie (Cored)
Noelle Quinn (from Minnesota)
Tina Thompson (from Houston)
Free Agents Leaving Coming (or Staying)
LaToya Thomas (UFA)
Lindsey Harding (to Washington)
Vanessa Hayden (to LA)
Nicole Ohlde (to Phoenix)
Noelle Quinn (to LA)
Kristen Rasmussen
Kamesha Hairston
Roneeka Hodges
Raffaella Masciadri (from LA)
Kelly Miller (from Phoenix)
Aisha Mohammed
LaToya Pringle (from Phoenix)
Christi Thomas (from LA)
Free Agents Leaving Coming (or Staying)
Erin Thorn (to Chicago) Cathrine Kraayeveld
Sidney Spencer (from LA)
Free Agents Leaving Coming (or Staying)
Jen Derevjanik (RFA)
Olympia Scott (UFA)
Penny Taylor (UFA)
Barbara Farris (to Sacramento)
Kelly Miller (to Minnesota)
LaToya Pringle (to Minnesota)
Belinda Snell (to San Antonio)
Alison Bales (from Atlanta)
Temeka Johnson (from Los Angeles)
Laurie Koehn (from Washington)
Nicole Ohlde (from Minnesota)
Kim Smith (from Sacramento)
Tangela Smith (Cored)
Free Agents Leaving Coming (or Staying)
Adrian Williams (UFA) A'Quonesia Franklin (to Phoenix)
Kim Smith (to Phoenix)
Barbara Farris (from Phoenix)
Miao Li Jie
Hamchetou Maiga-Ba (from Houston)
Chelsea Newton
Ticha Penicheiro
DeMya Walker
Free Agents Leaving Coming (or Staying)
Dalma Ivanyi (RFA)
Ann Wauters (UFA)
Katie Feenstra Mattera (from Atlanta)
Vickie Johnson
Edwige Lawson-Wade
Bernadette Ngoyisa (from Indiana)
Ruth Riley (Cored)
Belinda Snell (from Phoenix)
Free Agents Leaving Coming (or Staying)
Shyra Ely (to Chicago)
Yolanda Griffith (to Indiana)
Kelly Santos (waived)
Sheryl Swoopes (waived)
La�Tangela Atkinson
Suzy Batkovic
Sue Bird (Cored)
Janell Burse
A�Quonesia Franklin
Lauren Jackson
Shannon Johnson (from Houston)
Aja Parham
Ashley Robinson
Kasha Terry (from Atlanta)
Tanisha Wright
Free Agents Leaving Coming (or Staying)
Coco Miller (waived)
Kiesha Brown (from Los Angeles)
Lindsey Harding (from Minnesota)
Kristen Mann (from Indiana)
Chasity Melvin (from Chicago)
Kelly Schumacher (from Detroit)