All summer long, Atlantic Records recording artist and budding superstar Keke Palmer will be on the road, coming to all 13 WNBA cities and performing in and around the arenas. You may have seen her in her big screen debut as Queen Latifah's niece in Barbershop 2: Back in Business. But you have definitely seen her as Akeelah Anderson, in the critically acclaimed, award-winning film Akeelah and the Bee. Palmer won the 2007 NAACP Image Award for Outstanding Actress in a Motion Picture for her role in the film, as well as receiving a ShoWest Award for Most Promising Actress. Shortly after Akeelah, Palmer launched her singing career. Her Atlantic Records debut album, "SO UNCOOL," is jammed with the kind of music that Keke loves, ranging from uptempo R&B tracks to inspirational songs to youthful, fun material that kids can relate to. Bottom line, Keke Palmer is a unique talent who lives her life to the fullest without regard to worrying about what is cool and what is not. In fact, Keke thinks that being uncool is very cool indeed. so get to know Keke all summer long both in her running blog for and when she visits your town! Also visit Keke's official web site.

Keke and Christi

Right now I am about to get my hair done. But until they are ready for me I would like to fill you in on this past week. My last blog entry was right before my performance in Los Angeles. It went really well. My friends and family came to the game and they all seemed really proud of me. I met my favorite WNBA player, Christi Thomas. She ran up to me and we talked a lot. She was so nice. I was a little disappointed that the Sparks lost to the Mercury.

I went to San Antonio Thursday, and I had a 15-minute postgame show. There were a lot of kids there. They seemed to really like me, so I had a great time. I also, did a lot of radio interviews while I was there.

Friday night I was in Houston and I met a few players. We did a 15-minute postgame show there as well. There were a lot of kids. I met up with some girl scouts. I did a question and answer session with them. They asked me a question about what it was like working on Jumpin' and how I feel about being an entertainer. I told them I love what I do. This is what I have wanted to do since I was very young and to be able to actually do it is great.

When I went to Phoenix on Saturday they were playing Los Angeles again. And the Sparks lost again, but I talked to some of the Phoenix players and the coach. They all said that I did well. I was wearing their jersey when I performed and they liked that. And, of course, I saw Christi Thomas again! When I saw her, I ran up to her and jumped on her. She swung me around and was really friendly. Also, she autographed my ball and she took a picture with me. It was great. In the game Phoenix played really well. I think they will be amazing in the playoffs.

My birthday is coming up soon on August 26. I am really excited to turn 14. I am going to have a birthday party in September and we are going to have an '80s theme.

Right now I have a few days off from the WNBA tour. I will be relaxing and going to some meetings for acting. I will be meeting with producers for movies that I might act in.

My hairdresser is ready for me now. I will talk to you next week here on

At Home with Keke Palmer

Hi! It's me, Keke. I am finally home. On Friday, I was in Washington, D.C. performing at a Mystics game. The show went really well. I wore a different outfit. It was a rock-style red and black uniform. I really wanted to visit Howard University while I was in D.C., but I did not get a chance. My choreographer went and she bought me a sweatshirt that said Howard on it.

The Liberty played the Mystics on Friday and while I was doing the sound check, some of the players from the Liberty were talking to me. They let me take a shot while they were practicing and I made it! I was so excited. They also all complimented me on my performance the night before in New York. They said I could sing very well and they couldn't believe I was only 13 years old.

Tonight I am going to perform in Los Angeles. I like the Sparks a lot. They are a really good team and I hope they win. I am excited to see Christi Thomas. I love her and I hope I get to take a picture with her. She is so cool. Every time she comes out I cheer loudly, "Christi Thomas, Christi Thomas." I want her to win every time. I am so proud of her. I hope Diana Taurasi isn't too hard on her. I can't wait to watch the game tonight. The energy just flows with the Sparks. The Sparks are my favorite team, then New York and then Connecticut. Connecticut is doing well and I think they will win it all.

My best friend who is in Hairspray Taylor Parks, my mom, my mom's friends, my family, my manager and my agent are all coming to see me perform tonight. Knowing that there are so many people I know in the audience makes me want to do well. I want to show them what I can do. L.A. is my favorite city to perform in because I live here and it is so much fun here. I have a lot of friends and family in the area. It is my home now.

I slept in my own bed last night and I slept in late today. I have spent all day watching movies with my sister. We really miss each other because she didn't get to come on the last trip. She is 18 and we are really close. My younger brother and sister are also really happy to see me. When I came home they both gave me a big hug. They are six-year-old twins and they love to watch me perform. When they are in the crowd they always want people to know that I am their sister. My siblings sing as well. My younger sister wants to be an actress and singer like me. Maybe one day we will do a family show.

Before I forget, I want to remind everyone my video Keep it Movin' is coming out in a week. I am so excited and I hope it is number one. My CD So Uncool comes out September 18. I hope everyone loves that as well.

I have to go now... my sister is calling. I will check in with you next week here on Thanks for stopping by.

Go Sparks!

Keke at the Garden

Hi everyone! I performed in New York last night. Everyone was screaming and cheering. When I hear people get excited it makes me want to keep on singing, so they can keep on liking it. I sang the National Anthem and I held the "free" part long, so people could really hear it. The crowd started to cheer a lot, which made me really happy.

While I have been in New York I have been going to a lot of radio stations. I went to Z100 and I had a great time there. I have been promoting my album and promoting the WNBA as well. I just saw the first rough draft of my video Keep it Movin'. It was so good, they just have to define more of the colors, like Janet Jackson's It's All For You. I am so excited about it. It is going to be so great. The video should be coming out in about two weeks.

Before New York I was in Connecticut. It was great. I actually met another player that I like a lot, Stacey Dales. She was playing against Connecticut. I was really excited to meet her. She is really nice. I was singing the National Anthem in rehearsal and she said, "You are so good." Then when I actually did it she said, "Wow, you are good. Not as good as me, but it is OK." She was really nice.

We drove to Washington D.C. last night. I am going to go perform at the Verizon Center tonight. I have been to D.C. before with my church youth group. My choreographer is going to take me down to Howard University while I am there. I am thinking of going there. I only have four years left and then I will be ready for college. When I go to college, I want to continue acting.

New York is a hard crowd to please, but I did the best I could and I think they liked it. I sang Footwoorkin' and It's My Turn Now off the Jump In soundtrack. New York was a lot of fun, now I am ready to take on the crowd in the capital.

If you live around the D.C. area, come to the game and check out my show tonight. For everyone else, don't forgot to stop by and see where I am and what I am doing next week, right here on

Keke in Connecticut

On Sunday I did the halftime show at the Palace in Detroit. It was a lot of fun. I saw a lot of the players and they all wished me good luck, but I did not get a chance to talk to any of them one on one. I did talk to a lot of fans and I took a lot of pictures with the Detroit fans before the game. The energy at the game was amazing. There were a lot of kids out there, so it was really great.

Our hotel was connected to the airport, so I did not get to see much of Detroit. We went right from our hotel room to the terminal. My next performance is in Connecticut. I just landed in Connecticut this morning. I am really excited to go to Mohegan Sun. I hear it is a lot of fun. I will tell you all about it after I go there. After Connecticut, I am off to New York. I am really excited about New York. I have some friends there and I am looking forward to seeing them.

Since I began touring with the WNBA, my love for basketball has grown. I have learned a lot more about the game. I am really into it and since I am at the games, I know a lot more about the league. I have always loved Christi Thomas but now I have another favorite player. I really like Tamika Catchings from Indiana. I met her and she was so nice to me. I heard she got injured, though. I hope she feels better soon.

I still think Connecticut is going to make the playoffs and play well once they are there. After watching Detroit, I think they are really good and they will also go far in the postseason.

Come watch my show tomorrow if you are in or near Connecticut. If you can't make it, I will make sure to let you know how it went next week, right here on

On the Fly From Keke

I don't have a lot of time today, but I just wanted to say hello and give everyone a quick update. I am in Philadelphia now and I am about to get on a flight back to California. I had a great time in Philadelphia. I did a show with Jordan Pruitt at Penn's Landing for Radio Disney, which went really well. I had to add a few more songs to my show because it had to be 30 minutes long. The crowd really liked it.

Also, coming up on Tuesday I am going film Lil' JJ's show Just Jordan. I will be doing that through Thursday for Nickelodeon. It should be pretty fun.

My EP just came out on iTunes, so I hope people buy that and my video should be coming out really soon as well.

Next up for the WNBA, I am headed to Detroit and then Connecticut. Connecticut was the team I predicted to go far into the postseason last week and I am sticking with them because they are playing really well right now.

My flight is boarding now, so I am off. I will be back soon with more on my life and my tour with the WNBA.

Keke Sings National Anthem

Last week I performed in Sacramento and Seattle. In Sacramento I sang the National Anthem and everyone thought I did a good job. Before the Sacramento game I got a chance to practice some lay-ups. Next time I plan to practice my jump shot. I saw some of the players in the hallway. One even told me that she liked my movie. Both Sacramento and Seattle played against the Connecticut Sun and I could not help but notice one girl on Connecticut who was so tall, she must have been seven feet. Her name is Margo Dydek. Connecticut beat Sacramento 82-78 in overtime. I was rooting for Sacramento because I was in their hometown. Connecticut seems to be beating everybody, they also beat Seattle when I was there on Tuesday.

Seattle was a lot of fun also. I had to do some radio interviews while I was there. It was my first time interviewing in Seattle. After I watched Connecticut beat Seattle 76-63, I went back to the hotel and watched a movie with my dancers. I did not get to go to All-Star because I was working, but I wanted to be there. My dad taped it for me, so I am going to watch it this week.

My next stop is Indiana. We are driving there today. Right now I am in my hometown of Chicago. I am with my grandmother. She has not been able to see me perform at a WNBA game but I have been telling her all about it.

In a few weeks I will be performing at a Sparks game. I am really excited to perform at STAPLES Center because L.A. is my favorite city. I perform there on August 7. Also, my favorite player plays for L.A., Christi Thomas. I have loved her since I saw how well she played. When I watched her play, I found myself rooting for her because she is so good.

Since I started touring with the WNBA I have become a bigger WNBA fan and a bigger sports fan. I have seen so many different games and players and it has made me love sports. I love the competition and the atmosphere of live sports. Also, I think it's fun to root for a team and just want a team to win so badly. From the games that I have seen, I think Connecticut is one of the best teams in the league, but after I go to Indiana I may change my mind. I am going to go spend some time with my grandmother now, I will check in with you next week. Bye!

Keke Takes a Bite Out of the Big Apple

As you know, I performed in New York City on Saturday. It was really nice to play in New York. New York is always a hard state to please. So I just went out there and did my best. I think everyone really liked it. It was really hot and when I got to the last song which was All My Girlz', I just thought "this is the end, just get ready for the end and put all your heart into this one because you are going to go out with a bang." I was having fun and just trying to bring the crowd into my performance. There was a line after the show for autographs and it seemed like everyone in the world was on it. That line was going on for years. But seeing the fans smile after meeting me makes me feel really happy and I just want to do it again. I am excited to go to Seattle on Wednesday and perform. It should be really fun.

After the show we went to Fridays and then I had to put in some school hours. After that my dancers and I watched a dance show. I love my dancers. I appreciate them so much. They give the audience their all, they give me their all and I really appreciate them for that. My dancers are really the greatest. They are just da bomb diggity.

Today I am shooting my music video in a Hollywood studio for my song Keep It Movin. I am so excited. Yesterday was the first day of the shoot and I had to dance in four or five inch heels. After the first take my mom ran up to me and picked me up, swung me around and said "I am so proud of you." I was so happy.

The video takes place on a subway train. There are four "Kekes." There is an Old School Keke, a Glamour Keke, an Intellectual Keke, and there is a Skater Keke. First comes Intellectual Keke and she sits down and does the chorus, next comes Old School Keke and she sits down on the train and she sings the verse, then comes Skater and then Glamour. We are all going to be on the train singing. It is really cool. It should be out in a few weeks.

I have a movie coming out in the fall with Samuel L. Jackson called Cleaners. I am so excited. I did some voice-overs for it and there is a huge scene where I am crying and I have a breakdown, which was hard to do. But I did it. I was so proud of myself. To cry I tried to think of something that would trigger tears. I just thought about if my mom passed away and was out of my life. I would die. She does everything for me. She sets everything up, she makes the time and she makes sure I am OK. If she were to go, I don't know what I would do. I would be just lost in the world. So, I thought about that and then I just started crying. After the scene, I was in my trailer and I called my mom and started crying again when I spoke to her.

But the movie won't be out until the fall, so my focus is on the WNBA tour right now. My favorite part about the tour is that after we do the concert, we can just hang out. We got through the hard part of traveling, we did the concert and we did everything the best we could. Then we just get to chill, relax and hang out with each other. I have to go into hair and makeup to get ready for my shoot. I will check in with you next week. Bye!

Kickin' It With Keke
Posted by Keke Palmer on Monday, July 2, 2007, 8:06 p.m. ET

Hi everyone! I just got out of class. I go to school year round but it is not like regular school. I have tutors who home school me. My favorite subject is English. I love reading and writing. I just read a great book called Everlost by Neal Shusterman. I also read a book called The Lovely Bones, and I liked it because it had some real-life elements about it. I use to take music in school but my home school program does not have music. When I was in real school, I was in a lot of plays and I got an "A" in music. I do miss regular school because I like being around other kids.

Since I last checked in, I did a radio Disney concert in Detroit and I went to some pool parties. I love to swim. Also, I always go to see my best friend when I come home. My best friend is a tomboy, and when I went over to her house, we played basketball and I showed her how Nikki McCray taught me to do a right-handed layup. She could not believe it. We played against each other and neither of us won because we gave up.

Home is always fun, but I can't wait to go back on my WNBA tour. This is my first tour and I love it. My favorite thing about being on tour is being with my dancers. The flying can get very very tiring even though all you do is sit down. Chicago was my last WNBA stop. Since then I have watched a couple of games but I still think the most exciting game I have seen was when the Lynx played the Sparks. My favorite player, Christi Thomas, played in that game.

Even though it is summer, I do not know when I will get time off. We are shooting my new video July 9 and 10. The song is called Keep it Movin' and it is about summertime, so we are going to film it on the beach and in all sorts of different places that remind people of summer.

I am so excited to go New York. I will be performing at the South Street Seaport. I love performing outside except when it is really hot... that is not fun. But I love New York. It is a fun city. I am going to visit the big Toys "R" Us in Times Square and go on the ferris wheel. That is one of my favorite places in New York.

I have to go back to school now. I will fill you in next week after I perform in New York City. If you are in New York on July 7, come watch the show!

Weekend Katch up at Keke's Korner
Posted by Keke Palmer on Monday, June 25, 2007, 6:06 p.m. ET

Hi everyone, Keke here! I just returned from Chicago, my hometown. It was really fun to go back home. Everyone was there and they loved the show. So I was really proud and happy to be there. I visited my grandma and my mom�s hometown and stuff like that. I did not get to go to many places in Chicago but hopefully next time. But I did get a taste of my favorite thing in Chicago� the food! I love the pizza especially. It is the da bomb diggity.

As for my performance at the game, it made me feel really large. I was up on stage with all these people and I just wanted to perform and really show them what I�ve got. The fans were screaming, I ran and touched some kids� hands and that was a big energy boost. So, it was a lot of fun. I sang �It�s My Turn Now� from the Jump In soundtrack and then I sang �Footworkin�� off of my album. It�s my first single.

When I was not singing or preparing for my performance, I watched the game and rooted for the Sky because that is my hometown team. I have Dupree�s jersey and a Sky hat. Before the game, former player and now one of the announcers for the Sky, Nikki McCray, taught me how to do a right-handed lay-up and I did it! I also saw some players. One, Armintie Price had no fat� all she had was muscle.

Anyways, next week I am going to New York. I am really excited for Madison Square Garden. I have been to New York a couple of times. Every time I go to New York, I like going to Duane Reade because it has everything. When I first went there I was looking for a Walgreens because every city has a store that�s all over the place. In Chicago they have a lot of Walgreens, in California they have a lot of CVSs and then in New York they have a lot of Duane Reades. Everywhere you turn you see a Duane Reade pharmacy/store. Unfortunately I won�t be performing at Duane Reade, but I will be singing at the Seaport. I have never been there, but I have heard it is cool.

If you are in New York, come check me out at the Seaport on July 7. It will be a lot of fun. For everyone who doesn�t live near New York, don�t forget to come out and join the fun when I head to your city! I hope to see everyone soon. That�s all for Keke�s Korner this week. Class time!

Welcome to Keke's Korner

Hi everyone, it is me Keke! So I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to my summer tour with the WNBA. I'll be all over the place, so please, please come on down and say hello. We started this past weekend and I just came back from Minnesota on Saturday. Our tour started off at the Mall of America, which was HUGE and really cool.

I am so excited to tour with the WNBA. I can�t wait to see more games, have fun, meet fans and reach a new audience. I have already been to the Staples Center and saw the Lynx play my favorite team, the Sparks. It was so cool! When I was at the game at the Staples Center, they showed clips of me on the big scoreboard and people were coming up to me during the game. They seemed really happy I was there. I haven�t met any players yet, but my favorite is Christi Thomas. I really want to meet her.

As for me on the court, I have played basketball a couple of times, but I don�t have the technique. Although sometimes I am good... you know, with my height... Hopefully I will pick up some skills while I am on tour performing at WNBA games. Of course, right before I perform, I don�t know how much I will pick up. Before I go on I sometimes get nervous, but I am not nervous about messing up. It's more like I am ready to go out there and I just get really excited. The best part about performing is when I hear that music play, when I hear that beat, I get really excited because I know it is about to start.

So which do I like better, acting or singing? Hmm... I love to act and sing but I think I like singing a little bit more. I started singing when I was four or five in church choir and stuff like that. My favorite part of acting and singing is that I am able to bring some of my spirit and personality into both businesses. But most of all, I love that I can make people happy.

So that is all for this week. You can catch my next performance in Chicago, my hometown! I will be performing during the halftime of the Mystics vs. Sky game this Saturday, June 23. I Hope to see you there. I will check in with you next week from Keke�s Korner. Bye!