Jenny Boucek - Q & A

Comments from Joe Maloof -
We are thrilled to have Jenny aboard. We have a lot of confidence in Coach Whiz and what he�s done with our organization and with the Monarchs. She�ll continue the winning tradition that Coach Whisenant has established here. We are just excited to have you aboard.

Comments from Gavin Maloof -
We have a new word around Sacramento. It�s called defense. We�ve been playing it with the Kings and Coach Whiz brought it in with the Monarchs. We�re very excited about this upcoming season with Jenny. She�s going to be one of the bright, young minds in all of sports and she�s going to do a wonderful job with the Monarchs. We are very excited about our organization. Coach Whiz has done a wonderful job with getting us the ring and we are looking forward to other years of more rings. Not to put any pressure on you, Jenny. We are very excited to have you in the Maloof family. We know you are going to be a wonderful coach of the WNBA and we�re very excited about you being a part of the WNBA. We have a great league. We have the greatest women athletes in the world. Now you have a chance to coach the best women�s basketball in the world. Congratulations.

Coach Jenny Boucek -
Jenny BoucekI�d like to say hello to everybody. I know I�ll be speaking to you all a lot. I�m almost speechless about this opportunity. This was not expected for me, but it�s a big, exciting challenge for me. There were some easier opportunities for me to take, but I want to be part of the best and this organization is the best, in my opinion. From being an opposing player and coach in the league, I know this is one of the toughest places to play with some of the best fans in the WNBA. I�ve heard nothing but good things and I�ve talked to people from janitors to players and coaches about the leadership in this organization, it truly is a family organization that is sincerely committed to the employees and to the community. It is what pro sports should be about. I�m excited to get started and for the challenge. We don�t intend to skip a beat. With the mentorship of Coach Whisenant, I believe that we have all of the pieces in place to continue what he has started here, which is an amazing franchise.

Talk about the relationship that you�re going to have with Coach Whiz:
Jenny BoucekFrom my perspective, that was one of the most appealing things about this position because Coach Whisenant has been one of the most successful coaches in the WNBA. I believe mentorship is a healthy model within all walks of life, so I�m excited to work closely with him and to learn from him and to contribute and advance the foundation that has already been built here. So I�m excited for the mentorship.

On having playing and coaching experience -
Jenny BoucekIt�s given me a lot of different perspectives. I have been the low woman on the totem pol as a player; I�ve earned a starting spot, gotten hurt where I didn�t travel. I�ve been in a lot of different roles as a coach. Through my different roles as a coach and getting hurt as a player, I�ve spent a lot of times with the fans. I really like the WNBA fans. I love interacting with them. I think it is one of the things that makes this league so special. Especially experiencing the inaugural season where you really sensed what this meant to people- -that it was much bigger than basketball. That first WNBA season really gave me a heart for the WNBA and for the fans.

On why this league is so special and is like a second family -
Jenny BoucekThis is still a young league and we remember when we didn�t have one. We really appreciate this opportunity to be doing what we love. The people that support us to be doing this, we don�t take lightly that this is an unbelievable lesson for us as women to be able to play professional basketball as women in America. I grew up without it. It wasn�t around until I graduated from college. Many of us remember that, and that�s why we are so appreciative of the people involved, especially the fans.

On Monarchs fans -
Jenny BoucekI�m so excited to meet them. I always loved playing here. As a player or coach this has always been one of my favorite arenas to go to because of the energy. I didn�t care if (the fans) were for me or against me. I just love the energy here and how passionate people are about women�s basketball. It just warmed my heart. I always loved coming here. I didn�t know any of the fans and I am excited to get to them.

Hopefully we�ll continue to get Sacramento more and more excited and get more fans that have never attended a game. I am a firm believer that if people try (the WNBA) they love it.

You are obviously familiar with Sacramento, coming in as Head Coach, what is your analysis of some of the pieces you have on this team?
Jenny BoucekI love this team. In fact, when we weren�t playing against them, I always found myself rooting for them. I love the players that they have and I love the way that they play. I love the identity that they�ve built. I don�t plan on doing any major changes. I want to continue with what they are already doing. I don�t think you�ll see a lot of major changes. I want their identity to be what it is now which is a championship caliber team.

Have you spoken with any of the players?
Jenny BoucekI have spoken with a couple. I plan on talking to every single one as soon as possible.

What is your relationship like with DeMya?
Jenny BoucekVery good. I already feel like I�ve coached her for a year. She was a freshman when I was a senior at Virginia. She started as a freshman and was very integral to our team that went to the Elite Eight and lost to Tennessee. Her development was integral to our success. I feel like I have coached her in a large way as a player with her.