APRIL 7, 2006

Hey Monarchs fans,

How is everybody? Well, I hope. As for me it is all coming to an end. I am going to miss you all. It has been really fun sharing my experience with you. But, seeing as my angel can come any day now, it�s time for me to finally kick my feet up, watch the clock tick and catch up on the million shows I have tivo'd over the last month, LOL. But, before I go let me tell you what�s been happening, I don't want to leave ya�ll hanging...heehee.

I am on weekly doctor's appointments now and daily watch. It�s kind of cool, but I am not ready yet. My friends and family get on me everyday about getting my hospital bag packed and by the door, but does anyone understand how strange I feel to pack a bag right now. It just seems so unreal. Plus, do I really want to stare at that bag everyday? NOOOO!!! All it will do is make me anxious and I really want Z to come on, or after her due date. I know, I know, wow, I don't want her to come early, but I find some sense of pride in knowing I carried her all the way to her due date!!! Weird!!! She cooked the entire recommended time is what I want to be able to say, LOL. Also, you have to know I am a perfectionist. I will pack and repack that bag 100 times if I start now; that�s torture waiting to happen, feel me??

On another note, I am still convinced that I can make it through labor naturally!! It�s like the little red engine that could...I think I can, I think I can, till finally you say I thought I could I thought I could. Currently Zachara weighs a little over 8 pounds and everyone asks me if I am having a boy because she is so high, but I just tell them she really is low, but she can't help it, her legs are too long and they have to go somewhere, LOL. I finally found a baby diaper bag with style and sophistication. I need to be able to coordinate my outfits with my bag. It is the new Signature Coach Baby Bag in multiple spring colors. Perfect for girly ol' me. Ya�ll know I have to coordinate and baby bags just are not cute these days!! Mental note, I think that is a good, new business idea, heehee. Fantastic and stylish diaper bags made for the coordinated and sexy young woman of today. Doesn't that sound like a great idea?

Other than that, I can't wait to start working out full time again and get back on the court working on my game. I have to say, the drawback of this offseason has been not being able to add something to my game outside of a new spectator ;). I love working on my game and making it better than the year before, but if I can be a great mom and great player, I think I will survive, what do you think?

CONGRATS to Coach Whiz and the Monarchs on, what appears to be, another great draft. Coach Whiz is definitely a smart man and as long as we trust in him, I know our team will be great for a long time. Oh yeah, and I finally finished my house!!! It has 4 new bathrooms, a new kitchen, a new backyard, a new pool, a new upstairs deck and it has finally been painted in the interior!! I am so proud of myself and blessed to have been able to get it all done before Zachara arrives. When she does arrive, I will be sure to post pictures of my princess teddy bear to share with you all. Thanks again for riding with me on this last leg of my journey.

See ya soon,

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MARCH 24, 2006

Hey Monarchs fans,

What�s up? How are ya this fine day? I am absolutely wonderful. Do you ever sit back and find yourself amazed at technology and all the things we are capable of knowing and seeing through unimaginable devices made up from the human mind? Well, if not, you should sit and think about it. This world is an amazing place to live in, we are all soooo blessed.

This week has been filled with excitement. I went in for my third ultrasound of Zachara and to my surprise she looks nothing like me!!! I was so sad, LOL. The ultrasound allowed me to see her face and body so clearly; she looks just like her daddy. I knew they were going to be two peas in a pod, but this is ridiculous. She is already stubborn like him and now she is going to look like him. AHHHHHH �Calgon Please Take Me Away�...LOL. She has the cutest, chubbiest cheeks. She has a ton of hair and long luscious eyelashes. She already weighs 7 lbs!!!! My daughter is going to be huge. She has all her fingers and toes. Speaking of toes, the ultrasound revealed that, bless her heart, Zachara likes to play with her toes and smell them, LOL. She was just putting her big toe in her nose; it was hilarious!! And she likes to eat her umbilical cord!! The technician and nurses kept saying, �Ms. Walker you need to feed her.� The funny thing was I had just eaten. So now I realize my baby girl, is stubborn, sexy and greedy. My, my, my, what am I in for? LOL. My excitement is truly overwhelming my spirit because she could be here any day. Can you all believe that? I, DeMya Chakheia Walker, am going to be a mom to the most beautiful little girl this world has yet to see!!! God is so good to me!!

On another note, my house remodeling has become my life's work, LOL. My name is DeMya and I am a �Remodelaholic�, LOL. I have decided to paint different rooms in the house, change the entire landscape of the backyard and refinish my pool. That�s on top of the projects I told you about last week. Becoming a mom has changed my perspective on a lot of things, specifically putting things off that I have wanted to do for years. I am so renewed!! I had my first night of contractions the other night, but they were minor and I haven't felt any since then, but I certainly have never been more excited about pain, LOL. My doctor thinks she will be right on time which is great for Z, her dad and me. Life is rolling rather smoothly people; I hope the same happiness in whatever ways is occurring for you. Enjoy your day.

I'll Holla,

MARCH 16, 2006

Hey Monarchs fans,

How's everything? I am great!!! Well, as I expected my life picked up its usual pace and I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off. But then again, life has never been better outside of Z insisting on falling asleep under my ribs, kicking me all day long, and getting the worst heartburn this side of the Mississippi, LOL. Ok, so maybe pregnancy is starting to wear on me. I mean, I have been relatively small this entire journey but suddenly Z wants to make herself well known. She is so crazy, it�s the absolute cutest, annoying aspect of being pregnant...having this big ol' stomach, heehee.

Anyhoo, my grandmother has moved in with me for the last part of this journey. Needless to say, life is much easier. My grandma wakes up everyday at 6am and the first morning she set off the house alarm, LOL. The whole house thought life was ending, LOL. She scared herself so bad, but now she has it down to a science. She has breakfast made for me every morning when I wake up, eggs, fried potatoes, bacon, wheat toast, orange juice and milk. She cooks dinner for my friends and I every night. And she washes all my clothes, sheets and Zachara's stuff. Grandmothers are God's gift to humanity!!! They are truly angels from heaven. I LOVE MY GRANDMA!! I had to take her to get some new sneakers for her feet because she insisted that her 3-year-old canvas Keds were the best sneakers made in the 80 years she has been alive, LOL. You just have to chuckle at that one. Needless to say, she loves her new kicks and I threw away her old canvas kicks.

On another note, my bathroom-remodeling project is finally finished and fit for a queen well monarch!!! I love it!! Now, I am addicted to remodeling projects. Next on my to do list is landscape my backyard, then the downstairs bathroom, then the two upstairs bathrooms, then the kitchen and after that I will see how I feel, LOL. Too much free time on your hands will do this to ya. Anyhoo, Zachara will be gracing us with her presence very soon and I hope you all are getting as excited as I am. Sleepless nights here I come....�til next time, I'll Holla. - D

MARCH 8, 2006

Hey Monarchs fans,

DeMya and Kara Lawson
Well, this week, sad to say, was rather uneventful. My daughter loves water, sweet tea and ravioli. Yummy Yummy. But as opposed to boring you to death with uneventful jibber jabber, I decided to make a small photographic memoir for you all this week which will allow you into our world a little bit. I have included baby shower pictures, NBA All-Star Pictures, as well as some Nursery Decor pics and ultrasound pics. I hope you all enjoy it. Since my grandmother is flying in this weekend and I have more frequent doctor's appointments, be sure to stay tuned, as my world will undoubtedly resume its hectic pace. Till then, I'll holla...D

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MARCH 2, 2006

Hey Monarchs fans,

Princess Bears - courtesy Target.com
How's everybody? I am doing great. I am really getting anxious now, since my time in this shape is slowly coming to a close. I must admit being pregnant is wonderful, but being able to wear all of my cute t-shirts is running a close second right now, LOL. Also, my craving for basketball is at an all time high!!! I want to run and play sooo bad. My Russian basketball team (VBM-SGAU in Samara, Russia) just advanced to the final four for the second time in a row!! Go Samara!! I am really happy for them. I hope we win another EuroLeague Championship. Also, the first leg roster of the US Women's National team was just chosen. Sad to say I was not on it, :(. Of course, I am sure my being pregnant had a lot to do with it. Nevertheless, I am even more motivated to get back to the court as fast as possible after my daughter is born. Since I was 14, I dreamed of being on the 2008 Olympic team and I have to show the committee that I am ready to go. But we all know family comes first. I have so many things to be thankful for, beginning with my daughter and ending with the many blessings of talent, family, friends and opportunities in life that GOD has given me. What a wonderful life!!

On another note, I got to visit the labor and delivery unit at the hospital where I will be delivering. Needless to say, it wasn't all that my TV shows made it out to be. It was not very lit up, kind of small, in need of a decorator, and the beds were way to short for a tall woman. I guess the hospital assumed all mothers were 5'7" and under, LOL. My feet will just hang off the edge...poor me, LOL. I also discovered that when you arrive they will hook you up to all these monitors: one for blood pressure, one for your baby's heartbeat, one for your heartbeat and a temperature thing on your finger. I say all this because with all the hook-ups, you can't walk around like you see on TV. You have to sit in that bed and wait and wait and wait some more, just doesn't sound appealing to me!! So, I have come to the decision that no matter how much I want to go to the hospital, I am going to wait at home as long as I possibly can. Sitting in that drab room is not exactly a thrill to look forward to. Yet, having my daughter and being able to sleep comfortably again is thrilling enough to cover everything else!!! Wouldn't you agree? I knew you would.

Talk to ya later,

FEBRUARY 21, 2006

Hey Monarchs fans,

Welcome back to the journey into the world of my little princess!! She is growing so fast; it is hard to believe that she will be here sooner than later. To be in single digit weeks is both exciting and nerve racking. I feel like I still have so much to do and these last two weeks have been so crazy, I can't seem to catch my breath sometimes, LOL. Talk about a whirlwind of events!! It started with my baby shower. My best friend, AC and my favorite person, Pam, put it together for me. It was definitely one of the best days of my life. I enjoyed every moment. My sister, Talia, made the most perfect baby shower keepsakes and the best pasta salad you have ever tasted. She also orchestrated all of the games we played!! We played find the safety pin in the rice, which is a lot more difficult than it looks. We played guess mommy to be's circumference, LOL. We played the nursery rhyme game and we sat and told stories and talked. It was GRRRRRREAT!! Later we played catch phrase and taught each other new dance moves, LOL. You know I have to keep up to date with that stuff, ha-ha-ha. Plus, what�s better than lots of gifts!! I want to say thank you to everyone who helped out and attended or sent warm wishes. You all made my baby shower perfect and I loved every minute and based on how Zachara wouldn't go to sleep, I am sure she enjoyed every minute too. Soooo, THANKS!!

On another note, I finally found a pediatrician. Although I am a little disappointed that I went to all those interviews just to find out that whichever doctor you choose, doesn't even know you chose them until the day you deliver!!! Isn't that crazy??? Apparently, you just tell the nurse, when you go into labor, the doctor you chose and they call the doctor and the doctor comes out to see the new patient. I honestly don't get that one, but it is what it is...LOL. Also, new on the pregnancy symptom list this week, swollen feet and ankles!! This is by far the worse of all the symptoms, if you ask me. I feel like I have to be confined to the couch for hours at a time to get my cankles back to calves and ankles, LOL. Sooooo not cute!!

And this, Monarchs fans, is why I had my friend put my slippers in her purse when we went to the NBA All Star weekend parties!!! I knew that with cankles, as I like to call my pregnancy symptom, I would only last an hour or two at the most in my stilettos!! And I was right, LOL. (Side note: the fashion no-no statement that was made is only for 6 month and above pregnant women or women having multiples. That huge belly weighs a ton on those feet!! Please do not wear slippers during the party if you do not meet the requirements, LOL. And please note that I said during the party not to the party. Always wear your sexy boots or stilettos to the party, no matter what!!) Anyhoo, the weekend was great, I got to see a lot of people including Jamie Foxx perform. He is an awesome entertainer!! But the highlight of my weekend was catching up with my teammates Kristen [Haynie] and Kara [Lawson]!! They both look great and Krit had her hair down!! I can't wait for the season.

And last but not least, my daughter's nursery is finally decorated!! It is exactly the way I imagined it would be!! Once the carpet is laid, I will post pictures of her room so you can see it. I sat in her room for 3 hours staring at the decorated walls, almost in tears (darn preggo emotions) because it was sooo perfect and so beautiful!! I just can�t wait till she gets here; my life is already so much better because of her LOL. She isn't even here and she is changing people's worlds. Soooooo Special!!!

Talk to ya later, D

FEBRUARY 10, 2006

Hey Monarchs fans,

Welcome back!! Well I am in my final countdown now and my life is even more hectic than I ever thought it could be. Due to the fact that my flying around the world will be nipped in the bud in a couple weeks, I have had to cram everything and everyone into the last couple weeks and let me tell you...my daughter hates flying!!! She kicks and moves the entire flight, never allowing her mother a chance to be still and rest. She's a mover and a shaker�loves being on the go, but not sitting still for that long. I flew her to Germany to see her dad and she is destined to be a daddy's girl...poor me...lol. It�s amazing the things I see with her, as she gets closer to gracing us with her presence. She responds to her dad's voice and music!! I was in shock. He would tell her not to like a song and she would be still. Then he would tell her that they love a certain song and she would move side to side, killing me, but her dad was loving every minute. He says she is destined to be a country gal. Of course I am a city girl, so we will have to see about that...lol!!

Anyhoo, I also began interviewing pediatricians this week. Being a first time mom, I didn't know what to expect or what to be concerned with. However, it�s funny how those motherly instincts kick in when you find yourself in certain situations. As I am listening to the doctor, suddenly I have a million questions and I already know the answers I want to hear. I was in awe of myself�hahahaha. Who knew, I knew so much about a topic I know so little about. Still, I learned that choosing your child's pediatrician is definitely something a mom and dad should do together. Hint to all fathers that may read this: Don't assume your woman has it all under control; go to all appointments relevant to your child. I mean we women are superheroes but SOMETIMES your input is needed...lol.

On another note though, I am having my baby shower this weekend!! I am so excited; I know it will be nice because I have a great supporting cast between my family and friends that are hosting it for me. But I do have one little thing that I truly do not understand...WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF BABY REGISTRIES????? Can anyone tell me? I mean people ask you all the time BEFORE you take the time to make one, "where are you registered?" Then AFTER you go and make a registry, which took me 2 hours, those same people buy your child whatever they want that is NOT on the registry...lol!! I JUST DONT GET IT!! Maybe one day I will though. Anyhoo, that�s about all I got for ya this week, but 'as the world turns' and the 'days of lives' grow closer to being in the 'general hospital', I'm sure busy life will continue. Take care, talk to ya next week. :)

FEBRUARY 3, 2006

Princess Bears Crib - courtesy Target.com
Hey Monarchs fans,

Welcome back to my journey into motherhood. I must say this is a ride that every woman should take, be it through giving birth, adoption, foster parenting or guardianship of family. Before I begin my update, I have received some questions about how to say my daughter's name. Well it is Zachara (Za-Car-A)!! Please do not say it wrong; I can't stand when people do that, lol!!

Anyhoo, the topic of today is how do you prepare the nursery??? I have started to attempt this feat and due to my insatiable need to coordinate, decorating is quite the hassle! Nobody ever told me that not watching the home decorating channel would backfire on me. I always found it quite boring. Now I wish I was into that type of stuff. I want her room to be absolutely perfect but it is DIFFICULT to say the least.

Princess Bears - courtesy Target.comFirst, I chose the theme...princess bears. They are little teddy bears in different color dresses and skirts...too precious. Once that was settled I had to choose the color. I had no idea there were so many shades of pink and purple. Her room has to have pink because she is a girl but because she is a future Monarchs player, she must be represented with purple too!! GO MONARCHS!! My best friend came up with the idea of painting half the wall pink and half the wall purple. While I admit to being hesitant, it is absolutely gorgeous!! Since the ceiling was painted pink that meant her carpet had to be changed to light violet. I mean that is the law of coordination, right?? However, who knew that it costs sooooo much to change the carpet. The days of apartment living are certainly missed at times like these...lol. Nevertheless, it was definitely worth the money. And that, my dear fans, is where my nursery ends...lol. I have no idea what to put in her room. I mean, honestly, do you really need a changing table and dressers and baskets and all that other stuff when there is a perfectly great carpet to lie on and closet to put your clothes in??? Sit and marinate on that for a second.... things that make you say hmmmm. According to the Internet and many family members and friends the answer to that question is YES!! Money, money, money. Zachara is already learning about shopping sprees, can you imagine when she is actually here?!?!

I hope to eventually see the furniture that makes my heart jump and not my purse cry. So far I have had no luck. I need for each of you who read this to wish me luck in finding the perfect furniture before Zachara arrives. I just can't bring myself to just accept anything. That is just asking too much of me, lol. Well thanks for reading, hopefully by my next update progress will be made and I will be able to let you know whether or not mother-to-be classes worked for me...lol. Feel free to send me any questions that you need or would like answered in the next edition. Talk to ya soon. -D

Princess Bears - courtesy Target.com

JANUARY 25, 2006

Hi, Monarchs Fans,

Well I know you haven't heard from me in a while and that�s because I have been so busy!!! I am in my third and final trimester now and I thought it would be fun to let you all enjoy this last part of the ride with me. So I decided to start a baby blog to keep you all up to date. Don�t worry, since I have a lot of time on my hands, it will be updated regularly .

Well, let me get you caught up. For those of you who don�t know, I am having a little girl. Her name will be Zachara. I made it up because if I was having a boy I wanted to name him Zachary, so I substituted the Y with an A and there you go. I know, I know, so creative, heehee. Anyhoo, becoming a mom is really exciting!!! I can't believe how much I love her already. Also, being a professional athlete keeps my life at a fairly fast pace. I workout three times a week, doing the elliptical machine for about 20 minutes and then about 45 min to an hour of weight training. I used to do five days, then four days and now I am down to three, doctors� orders. I make up for those other two days of cardio with mall walking!! My daughter loves when we workout, I think she likes the rocking motion of our cardio because it seems like she sits so still during that time and that time only, lol.

As for Zachara, she is a hot mess already just like her mama . She kicks like she has a black belt in karate all day, but she knows mama has to go back to work ASAP so she has only made my butt bigger, which isn�t a bad thing, if you know what I mean, lol. I am still skinny as a bean pole!!! You can see the attached pictures to check me out!!

Now as my first blog entry, I thought I would tell you how fashion is a must!! Everyone tells me not to shop for her, but they must remember I am a shopaholic and a die-hard fashionista. I MUST pass this on to my daughter. She has a walk-in closet right now that has no more space for clothing. I can't help it; the idea of my child running around with no clothes on just doesn't do it for me. Besides, I found out today that she looks just like me, well she has her daddy's ears and forehead and personality, but the rest is all me. Thus she must always be dressed to impress herself. I admit, I may be a bit overdoing

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it in the sense that she will be very well coordinated. Each shirt has the matching jeans, shorts or skirt, followed by matching bib, socks, and hat. Gotta keep the sun out of her face, you know!! I have yet to buy her any shoes, because between her daddy and I, I'm not sure if she will have typical newborn feet. I wear a size 11 and he wears a 16. But don't worry, she will have a full collection once she gets here, that is a priority!!

I really miss playing though, but the timing of becoming a mom couldn't have been better for me at this point in my career. I was able to still shoot free throws up until about a month ago, when putting my hands above my head became outlawed!!! To this day, I still don't understand what is sooo bad about that. Imagine wanting that morning stretch without being able to reach towards the sky, it just isn�t the same.

Anyhoo, I guess I have talked your ears off for the first time around. I am beginning mother to be classes soon, so stay tuned for that update. Miss ya lots and I will see you soon. -D