Penny Taylor Shares Wedding Stories, Pictures

Posted: Jan. 31, 2006

Mercury forward Penny Taylor married her long-time boyfriend Rodrigo Gil this past December in Schio, Italy where Penny plays for the local Italian team. The photos have arrived and Penny has filed a firsthand account of the blessed day.

Well, after a few hectic months of organizing our wedding day was fantastic. It had snowed non-stop for two days before the wedding so everything was covered in white. Luckily the morning of our wedding it was nothing but sunshine (although it was -1 degree).

Rodrigo Rodrigues Gil is my hubby's name and my new name is Penny Taylor-Gil.

We were married in an old theatre building that was built 400 years ago and the reception was in a villa built in 1540. My sister Heather and my best friend Hayley were my bridesmaids. Rodrigo had his brother Marcello and friend Giba as his groomsmen.

Both of our families had flown in from Brazil and Australia. Plus, our friends from all over the world also joined us. Unfortunately none of the Phoenix girls could make it because of the Christmas holidays but we had a piece of cake and glass of champagne for them!

The only hiccup was when the guests arrived at the reception, and the cars and bus couldn�t get up the hill to the villa due to the ice! A few cars with snow tires went up and down till all the guests made it safely to the open fire inside the villa.