Brittany (ephrata, pa): hey diana, i am a true fan of your's and i was wondering how are going with that knee injury of yours? Good luck the rest of the season!!

Diana Taurasi: It's going well. It's an injury and that's a setback. But I've been rehabbing and working on it. There are some days that are rough, but it's OK.

Alexandra Anderson (L.A.): What different things (both good and bad) have you experienced in your sophmore season compared to your first season?

Diana Taurasi: The good thing is nothing is a surprise anymore. On the other hand, the second season, teams know me a little more and they are more prepared for what I'm going to do. It's good though.

Kristen(Marlborough): What was your favorite part about the all-star game and summer jam festival?

Diana Taurasi: The All-Star Game was great, to be back in Connecticut and playing with Sue and all the other great players and to get on the court and play with and against them. It was great.

Phoenix: How do you like Michelle Timms as an assistant coach?

Diana Taurasi: Michelle Timms is great. She is a players coach and brings so much energy to our team. She's a joy to be around and a big help to our team.

Heather(Fraser): "D", First off i love you and your great to all your fans,you were great to me,but i was wondering if it ever gets hard to keep up with all your fan bases? heather

Diana Taurasi: Thank you so much, that' means a lot. It is difficult sometimes, especially right before games when I'm trying to focus on what I need to do on the court. But I never look at it as a chore, it's an honor and privilege to relate to the fans and I love doing it.

TJ (jersey): Did any of your teammates ever pull a prank on you during your rookie season? Have you pranked any of the rookies this season?

Diana Taurasi: We don't really prank rookies. Mostly that happened in college, where the freshman got some grief, carrying bags on and off the buses and planes and stuff. Not so much in the WNBA.

Joe (UK): Hi Diana! Of the two guard positions, which do you prefer playing, and why? Good luck making the play-offs!

Diana Taurasi: Well, thank you. I think I prefer playing the point. I grew playing that positioni and I like having the ball in my hands. Both have there advantages, though, as when I play the shooting guard I get a little break and don't have to bring the ball up the court every time. But I prefer point.

Kurt (Cleveland): Hey, I know last off-season you went back to school to finish off your degree, but for this off-season, any plans for playing overseas?

Diana Taurasi: I'm looking at signing a contract in Russia, playing on Sue Bird's team out there. I'm looking forward to it.

Luppita (Phoenix): I recently saw an article about you in a Latino Prespectives magazine(phoenix), it talks about you being an influence to young latinas, will you try to be more involved in Latina youth programs knowing that their isn't that many Latinas in the media let alone sports that are good influences?

Diana Taurasi: Yeah, I definitely like doing that. Growing up there weren't that many role models for me, and I think through my camps and clinics and things of that nature I hope to continue to do that and participate in that way.

Kitty (Phoenix): Hey, Dee, we're really happy to have you here in Phoenix - you add not only talent and experience, but a Barkley-esque personality; confidence, experience and a great sensee of humor. My question for you is - do you have any pre-game music you listen to in order to get psyched up?

Diana Taurasi: Lately I've been listening to old school rock and roll, Pearl Jam, Nirvana and U2.

C : Dee, I was just wondering whats up with the long socks lately? Were you just lookin for a change or is there a reason?

Diana Taurasi: It's funny, I grew up in elementary school and high school I went from soccer games to basketball games and I always left the socks high. But in college, the coach said no way, and for some reason I kept them down my first year in the WNBA. But, now, since I'm thinking old school, I went back to the high socks.

Becca(Ridgeland, MS): Hey Diana! you are my absolutely favorite player of all time! My question for you is, What did the Mercury have to change from almost having a near devastating season to being a playoff contender? Good Luck the rest of the season and please make it to the post season!

Diana Taurasi: The beginning of the season was a struggle, not having our whole team for training camp and we had lots of road games. We've got all our players on board now and have a good attitude and we're really competing and trying to get into the postseason.

christy (tempe, az): Hi Dee - You're an awesome player. What size Nike shoe do you wear? Which color scheme of the Air Taurasi collection is your favorite?

Diana Taurasi: My favorite is the red, white and blue Connecticut team. I love that one. I got to stay true to my roots.

Kim (Chandler): Hey Diana! Great job this season! Just wanted to know how you feel about playing with all of those Tennessee players? Was it a big adjustment? Go Mercury!!!

Diana Taurasi: It's funny. I've been friends with Ashley Robinson since eighth grade. But, with her and the others, once they're out of that orange uniform, they're ok. (Laughing).

Christy(MA): Hey Dee, What do you think your team needs to focus on to beat Sacramento tomorrow? Good luck!

Diana Taurasi: Oh boy. Sacramento is the best rebounding team in the league and we have to try and deal with their pressure. So we need to try and combat those two things and get after it against them. They're tough but it should be a nice challenge and a good game.

Diana Taurasi: Thanks for posting your questions. I appreciate your support, for me and for the Mercury. Keep supporting us and we'll keep trying to play hard and get into the playoffs and do some damage. Thanks again.