Janell Answers Your Questions

Lynx center Janell Burse took time on her way to San Antonio to answer questions submitted by fans. Here's what she had to say:

May 30, 2003

Hi, Janell! I'm a big Lynx fan. What are your goals individually and as a team this year? Thank you and have a great season.
Cory (Breckenridge)

Individually, my goals are to be a presence on the defensive end and try to rebound well. I think I can definitely help the team in both areas. Overall, I just want to do whatever the team needs me to do so that we can win some games. As for team goals, in my opinion, it's to win a championship. If you don't set your goals high, then you never reach them.

What was it like having a Tulane University teammate, Gwen Slaughter, with the Lynx during training camp? What is it like playing against old college teammates Barbara Farris, Grace Daley, and Teana McKiver?
Greenwave Fan (New Orleans, Louisiana)

It was really fun when Gwen was here in training camp. We hung out a lot. It was like we were at Tulane again. When I play against my old college teammates, we try to make sure to do something together after the game. Usually, we'll grab something to eat. It's really fun to see former teammates of mine have success in the WNBA. Go Green Wave!

What was it like playing in Italy, Russia, and Hungary? Where are you thinking of playing after the WNBA this year?
Rick (Metairie, Louisiana)

It was a great experience playing overseas. The competition helps you to improve your game, plus you get to experience living in another country and learn their culture. It's a long season over there. Once you get over the language and not having friends and family there, it's okay. I may go back to Russia next year.

Hey, Janell! What are your thoughts on second year player Shaun Gortman? Do you see her as an asset for the Lynx in the future? THANKS FOR YOUR TIME, JANELL!!
Sam (Columbia, South Carolina)

Shaun is a good, young, talented player who belongs in this league and on the court. She is a definite asset to our team, and I thnk you'll see her make positive contributions this year. She shoots really well off the dribble and can go to the basket, so she does what some of the best players in the league can do. I look for her to be a contributor on the Lynx for a long time.

Hi, Janell. How often do you go to the Mall of America, and do you and Tamika hang out or shop together?
Kemia (Memphis, Tennessee)

I go shopping once every couple of weeks. Tamika and I don't necessarily shop together � she shops too much for me, ha! But we shop at a lot of the same stores, mostly Tall Girl.

I am a great fan! You all did great work against the Monarchs. Do you do anything speacial to get ready for a game? Like eat a banana 15 minutes before the start or hug a stuffed toy. Thanks, and good luck!
Jill (Plymouth)

The only thing I really do before games is pray for success. I usually try to eat a good pregame meal about four hours before game and a light snack about 45 minutes before tipoff. I used to be very superstitious, but I've gotten away from all of that.

Do you like to sing the national anthem? Do you let your faith be a part of your game?
Shad (St. Cloud)

It would be cool to sing the national anthem, but I don't know if I'm ready! Yes, faith is a big part of my game... huge, actually.

Hi Janell! I was just wondering if you live in Minnesota during the offseason or do you go back to your hometown? GO LYNX!
Laura (North Oaks)

Actually, during the offseason, I play overseas. In the last offseason, I was in Russia and Hungary � equally as cold as Minnesota!

Hi, Janell! I love watching you play and I think you are an awesome player. You are a great player in the WNBA, but what other sports did you play in high school and what position? I have heard many great athletes are in more than one sport. Thanks for your time and GO LYNX!!!
Jen (St. Cloud)

Along with basketball, I was also a pitcher on my school softball team. I think it's always a good idea to play a variety of sports.

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