Swin Cash says she's giving it to her mom. Cheryl Ford says she ain't giving it to nobody. Kedra Holland-Corn says jewelry is meant to be worn. So, what exactly are the newly-crowned WNBA champions going to do with their championship rings?

Swin Cash
"Cherish it ... I probably would give it to my mom to put up with all the other stuff in my house, because they've traveled all across the country to see me play and they've always been there. And for them to be with me mentally and spiritually through all these up and downs has helped a lot."

Cheryl Ford
"What am I going to do with it? I'm going to wear it! I'm wearing it. I worked hard for that, I'm going to wear it, I ain't giving it to nobody."

Kedra Holland-Corn
"I'm going to wear the ring. I wouldn't put it in a box or put it on a shelf or anything. Jewelry is meant to be worn, so I'll probably wear my first one."

Ruth Riley
"I'm not sure. I don't wear the one I won in college so much´┐Ż I haven't even thought about it. I keep [the one I won in college] at home and when I go back to Notre Dame for events and stuff, I bring it out."

Deanna Nolan
"I don't know. I might wear it for a couple of weeks and then I might put it away ... Put in a case or trophy case or something."

Barbara Farris
"I guess maybe when I first get back I might wear it around, but then eventually I might try and put everything in a little curio cabinet, with the ball that's signed and a T-shirt."

Astou Ndiaye-Diatta
"Display it as much as I can because this is the top of the world basketball, you can't get it any higher. So you'd better believe I will display that."

Bill Laimbeer
"I'll do the same thing I do with the other ones: Put it away."

(2002 Championship Ring: Juan Ocampo/WNBAE/Getty Images)