Fever Q&A With Erin Lawless

April 22, 2008
Erin Lawless is in her second training camp with the Indiana Fever but has yet to play in a WNBA game. Last year, after suffering a concussion, Lawless missed her first opportunity and was waived shortly afterward.

A former Purdue Boilermaker, Lawless led the New Wash Montigarda of the Italian A1 league in scoring with a 13.5 points per game average this past winter. She was also the team's second best rebounder pulling down 4.7 boards per game.

Lawless sat down with FeverBasketball.com's Josh Taylor to discuss playing overseas and what she hopes to accomplish during her second stint with the Fever.

FeverBasketball.com: Since this is your second training camp, what did you learn last year that you feel will help you this time around?
Erin Lawless: �Going through training camp the first time prepared me mentally as far as running, understanding concepts, and knowing different drills. I was able prepare my body knowing what was going to happen physically. I also gained a lot of experience last year just knowing you have to keep working hard and you can�t be complacent.�
FB: You got injured last year, suffering a concussion before you got in game. How was frustrating was that?
EL: �Frustrating doesn�t quite describe it. It�s not the first time that it happened to me as I�ve had similar experiences to that. It was upsetting and I had to get over it, but understand that maybe there was reason for me to go overseas and make myself better.�
FB: Describe what playing in Italy was like.
EL: �I like to tell everyone it was my worst-best experience. It was the worst because we won about five out of 25 games. Winning so few games is frustrating and it makes you question your love for the game, and your ability as a player.�

�I gained a lot of experience that I had to be able to prepare myself as a player and not concentrate so much on the team standpoint since that was not going to be my team in the long run. I just had to get through it mentally and prepare myself for the WNBA because I knew that�s where I wanted to be.�

FB: How was your time in Italy from a cultural standpoint?
EL: �That was definitely an amazing time. Going to Rome was an eye opening experience. Seeing Vatican City, the Sistine Chapel, and the Coliseum is a lot different than seeing it on TV. There�s so much history in that country.�
FB: Where was your favorite place to go?
EL: �I love to shop, so I�m going to have to say Milan. Milan was my favorite place to go and shop or get things done. But I think visiting-wise, Rome was probably my favorite.�
FB: Where do you think your game improved the most in Italy?
EL: �I think my shooting improved a whole lot. I shot a lot of threes at Purdue, but I wanted to be a whole lot more consistent. I also feel like my defensive game in the post got a lot better.�
FB: Where has your game grown the most since playing at Purdue?
EL: �I think being able to step into the three position. When I was at Purdue I played at the four and the five but I�m only 6�2�, so when I got to the WNBA the players at those positions are a lot taller. Just to have the versatility to step out to the three and being able to handle the ball is important.�
FB: Now that you�re back in camp, what are you hoping to accomplish?
EL: �Make a spot on this team. I think that�s my main goal at this point as well as understanding where it is that I�ll fit in on this team. I want to prove that I am a versatile player that can help this team because I can play defense, I can go in the post, and I can shoot from the outside.�
FB: How anxious are you to play in a game?
EL: �Very, I just want to play in a game and show everyone what I�m capable of because I didn�t have that opportunity last year.�