WNBA players and their pets

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Many WNBA players are animal-lovers and had pets either growing up or still have pets today. When surveyed, most revealed that dogs, cats and fish are the most common.

Katie Smith, Detroit Shock
"I have a golden doodle, Logan. He's great and nice."

Sue Bird, Seattle Storm
"When I was growing up, I had a dog named Mindy. She was a mix between a beagle and something. Because of how much I travel nowadays, having a dog would not be fair."

Swin Cash, Detroit Shock
"Everyone in my family was scared of dogs, so we never got anything."

Becky Hammon, New York Liberty
"Cody is my golden retriever. I swear I sometimes think he is human in the way he acts."

Katie Smith and best friend Logan
David Sherman/NBAE/Getty
Cheryl Ford, Detroit Shock
" I had a puppy, but then died. It was a mutt, but I loved it to death and when it died, it totally just crushed me. Then I didn't get a dog again until two years ago. Now I have three dogs living with my grandmother. Two pugs and a yorkie. I also want a miniature chihuahua now. Like the one Paris Hilton has."

Yolanda Griffith, Sacramento Monarchs
"We had a dog and a cat growing up. The dog's name was Starsky, like the TV show, as he was a puppy, a guy used to mess with him all the time, so when he got older, he remembered, he would bite him over and over. Even in a crowd of people, he'd go for the same guy. Three times. So we had to put him to sleep. But the guy messed with him."

Lauren Jackson, Seattle Storm
"My cat died last year. He was 18 years old. He died right before my grandmother died, which was horrible. His name was Spotsy. I have to give a shout out to him out there in cat heaven. I have a dog, William. He's a mongrel; he's got everything in him. But he's the most beautiful, loving dog I've ever had in my life. And I have a cat named Ginger. Ginger doesn't like William very much. William's scared [of Ginger]. Ginger is like 16 years old. I had [Spotsy and Ginger] growing up - well, since I was five. William's about three years old now and he's just a little punk. He's got pit bull in him too and he's scared of a cat. It's sort of crazy."

Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks
"I named my dog Lennox because he is a pitbul, but I thought he was a boxer. I also have 12 koi fish inside and outside my house in a pond. It's not too hard as you just have to change the water every so often. The poolman does it for me."

Taj McWilliams-Franklin, Connecticut Sun
"I have too many kids to have pets. My daughter had a dog once, but cut his hair, so we got rid of it. Then we had cats, but they ran out of the house. We had fish, but she killed them. So I'm through with it. Now she's talking about how we need a dog again. Our friend came by and my little one grabbed him, so we can't handle pets right now. Two-year olds don't know the difference between choking and playing. I got her a toy barking dog and she loves that. She kicks it around and throws it down the steps. We'll start there for now."

DeMya Walker, Sacramento Monarchs
"I had a dog named Wolf when I lived in California, but he got sent to a "farm." And now I don't like dogs because of that experience."

Ann Wauters, New York Liberty
"I had cats. We actually had a few of them. Simba, like from Lion King, another one named Venus. Pretty interesting, huh?"