Seattle's Sue Bird credits Title IX for allowing her to play basketball at every level, from high school to the WNBA.
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Title IX
This week, Chamique Holdsclaw, Sue Bird, Katie Smith and Sting coach Anne Donovan discuss whether Title IX is still needed to ensure equal opportunity in athletics for men and women.
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Aug. 20: Sexuality in Sports Journalism
Eight WNBA players -- including Sheryl Swoopes and Tamika Catchings -- discuss how female sports reporters posing for men's magazines affects their credibility as journalists.
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Aug. 13: Strike a Pose?
Stacey Dales-Schuman, Dawn Staley, Lauren Jackson and Katie Smith share their thoughts on whether female athletes should pose for nude photos.
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Aug. 5: The Maternal Debate
This week, Nykesha Sales, Chamique Holdsclaw, Sheryl Swoopes and Katie Smith share their thoughts on pregnancy and becoming a mom while playing professional sports.
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July 30: Selling the Sexy Side of Women's Sports
Sue Bird, Stacey Dales-Schuman, Lauren Jackson and Dawn Staley discuss tennis star Anna Kournikova and selling the sexy side of women's sports.
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"It has been unfortunate that some men's sports have suffered in the college setting, but you can't continue to set back women in order for men to have opportunities."
-- Anne Donovan, Charlotte Sting coach

Kelly Miller
She likes listening to N'Sync, and her favorite place to visit is Arizona. Get to know Charlotte Sting guard Kelly Miller as she answers�s "20 Questions."
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