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Athletes and motherhood: WNBA players share their thoughts on becoming a mom while playing professional sports
"Basketball is a job, but what you do as a part of your life and your livelihood comes first. You're a person first, you're a mom first, you're a sister, a brother; that comes first. Playing basketball, you never know what happens. ... You have to go ahead and live your life first."
"We're women. We have to have families, too. Look at Sheryl Swoopes, a tremendous story. Got pregnant, had a kid and came back strong. Statistics were saying that women who are athletes who are pregnant come back stronger."
"This is an issue that I've been very sensitive about. It's not something that men have to worry about. And I'm not sure it's fair to a woman that she has to have to face the pressure of interrupting a career in order to start a family. I'm a woman. Parenthood is part of being a woman."
"Obviously, if you can't get back into shape, it can hurt your career. Some people plan their pregnancy around the season. But if it's unexpected, then you're out for the season and you ultimately work yourself back into shape. We all understand it's a part of life. It's kind of nice; it gives you a whole different perspective on basketball. You realize it is just a game and life's a whole lot bigger than what you do."
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An athlete wants to become a mother during her pro career--what should she do?
An athlete wants to become a mother during her pro career--what should she do?
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A number of WNBA players like Sheryl Swoopes (left, with son Jordan) and Yolanda Griffith (with daughter Candace) have met the unique challenge of balancing motherhood with a pro hoops career. But the decision is not an easy one to make.