She burst onto the scene in the NCAA Tournament with Liberty College and went on to win All Rookie honors in 2005. A devoutly religious and spiritual person, San Antonio's Katie Feenstra loves to go camping and reads to a fourth grade student every week. Get to know this patient beach lover in the latest "Time Out." | Time Out Index
What is your full name?
"Katharen Ruth Feenstra."
Do you have a nickname?
"Kit - my sister gave it to me after watching 'A League of Their Own'."
What is your original hometown?
"Grand Rapids, Michigan."
Who would you most want to play one-on one?
"I would ove to play against Ruth Riley. She is such a strong post player and I have respected her so much over the years. I would love the competition of playing her."
Most influential role model in hoops?
"Kristal Tharp - she was a teammate of mine. She always gave 100% in every practice and strived to get better. She always finished every sprint first and gave all the glory to God. Because of her hard work in practice, she made the team work hard too."
When did you first become interested in basketball?
"I have always loved the game. Over the past few years I was in college, the Lord has blessed me and my basketball career. I prayed about this and felt that the Lord led me in this direction. I love the competition."
What is your favorite moment on the court?
"My favorite moment on the court was getting past the first round of the NCAA Tournament."
Do you have any superstitions or rituals?
"I don't know if this is a ritual or not because I don't do it before every game. If I am really nervous or anxious, I will eat a mint before stepping on the court. Sometimes it helps :)"
Do you have a coach that has inspired you most?
"Coach Deyo. She has challenged me every day in practice to give all I have, and to try and get better every day. She has challenged me to grow spiritually and to give God all the glory. She has always been there when I have questions about basketball or life."
What are your hobbies outside of hoops?
"I love the beach and going camping in the summer with my family and friends."
What other talents are you proud of?
"I enjoy meeting new people and talking with them. The Lord has also given me some patience as I am very patient with people."
Who were the major non-basketball influences in your life?
"My grandmother. She is a very strong woman. she has been diagnosed with cancer two times and has fully recovered both times. She has never complained and has grown through the hard times."
What is something unusual that has happened to you?
"I have actually had a few stalkers. One of them would not stop calling me. Somehow he got my number and would call and email me. I had no idea who he was. Finally, a friend of mine answered and told him to stop calling. He never called back."
What is one surprising fact about yourself that people may not know?
"I wear a size 17 men's basketball sneaker."
What achievement are you most proud of?
"Leading Liberty to the NCAA Sweet Sixteen in 2005."
If you were not a basketball player, what would you be?
"I'd probably teach high school physical education and health. I would also coach basketball."
What is your favorite food?
"Chinese food - Cashew Chicken."
Favorite color?
Favorite book?
"The Scarlet Letter."
Favorite movie?
"Double Jeopardy."
Favorite television show?
Favorite actor and actress?
"Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington"
Favorite music artist or band?
Favorite song?
"Can't Live a Day."
Favorite place to visit or spend time?
"On Lake Michigan, camping on the beach."
Favorite song to sing Karaoke?
"Shania Twain - Man, I Feel Like a Woman"

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