Originally taught the game by her father, Detroit's Chandi Jones went on to play for her coach dad in college. Get to know this former high school track star in the latest "Time Out."
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  • Do you have a nickname?
    "Bink - my father gave it to me because that's what he wanted to call me."
    What is your original hometown?
    "Bay City, Texas."
    Who would you most want to play one-on one?
    "Cynthia Cooper - she will make me a better person because of her strong will and determination in trying to win a game."
    Most influential role model in hoops?
    "Michael Jordan - my role model because of his determination to win and the mental aspect of his game."
    When did you first become interested in basketball?
    "At three years old, I started to learn how to dribble a bouncy ball. At a young age, I always went to basketball practices with my father because he coached a boys' team."
    What is your favorite moment on the court?
    "My favorite moment on the court was when my college teammates and I won the Conference USA Tournament in 2004."
    Do you have any superstitions or rituals?
    "I have to take a nap before my game."
    Describe your daily workout routine.
    "20 minutes of the stairamaster machine, a full body workout in the weightroom and shoot 500 shots on the court."
    Do you have a coach that has inspired you most?
    "David Jones, he has taught me all aspects of the game of basketball and helped me develop stronger mentally."
    What are the major non-basketball influences in your life?
    "God, because he has always been there for me; My parents, because they have always supported me in whatever I have tried to achieve."
    What are your hobbies outside of hoops?
    "Shopping, playing video games, reading books, traveling."
    What other talents are you proud of?
    "Track - I won 8 state gold medals in high school for the long jump and the triple jump."
    What is something unusual that has happened to you?
    "A guy in prison sent me a letter with a guest pass to visit him. It was weird because I never met the guy before."
    What is one surprising fact about yourself that people may not know?
    "I am a shy person."
    What achievement are you most proud of?
    "Having the best winning record in a season (2004) in the history of UH women's basketball (28-4)."
    What was a defining moment for you in your life?
    "When I got to play for the same team my father coached at the University of Houston."
    If you were not a basketball player, what would you be?
    "I'd probably be a track athlete."
    What is your favorite food?
    Favorite color?
    Favorite book?
    "Theives Paradise."
    Favorite movie?
    "Love and Basketball."
    Favorite television show?
    Favorite actor and actress?
    "Vivica Fox and Denzel Washington"
    Favorite music artist or band?
    Favorite song?
    "Diamonds and Pearls."
    Favorite place to visit or spend time?
    "The Bahamas"
    Favorite song to sing Karaoke?
    "Lean on Me"

    (Photos: NBAE/Getty Images)

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