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Tracy McGrady, Houston Rockets

On the WNBA and "Expect Great":
"I am a fan of basketball and sports in general. I check these girls out on television anytime that I can. I think it is just an unbelievable game. These girls are out here showing that they are also talented and that they can come out and put on a show just like the boys."Expect great" means simply to expect great. Candace Parker is a person that gives you greatness. They are great basketball players and they make spectacular plays. These women can really open your eyes and lift you out of your seat. It is exciting to watch."

On the Houston Comets and watching them play:
"I think they are doing a great job competing every night which is what you want to see out of every team. They had a slow start this season and it took them a while to really understand how to win a ball game. But they are doing that now and they are trying for the last spot in the playoff run. Hopefully they can continue to get some wins and get in there."

On WNBA players that he "expects great" from this season:
"Cappie Pondexter, Diana Taurasi, Candace Parker and some other rookies. They have a lot of talent in this league. I expect for each team to have somebody that gives you something spectacular. We even have a few here with Tina (Thompson) draining the threes like she does. Michelle Snow blocking shots like she does. We have a little something as well!"

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Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE/Getty Images

James Posey, New Orleans Hornets
(2008 NBA champ with the Boston Celtics)

On the WNBA and "Expect Great":
“[Expect Great] means these women just come out there and play hard. They dive in the stand and dive on the floor to keep the possession and that is what you like to see.”

On the Houston Comets and watching them play:
“They work hard and they play hard. It is good chemistry out there.”

On Houston Comets players that he “expects great” from this season:
“Of course, Tina Thompson from the hometown. But also I would like to see how the rookie Candace Parker does.”

Houston Astros manager Cecil Cooper (a Comets season ticketholder)

On the WNBA and "Expect Great":
"It means to 'expect great' things and great players."

On the Houston Comets and watching them play:
"Well, they have some exciting young players and they have some great veteran players like Tina Thompson."

On players that he "expects great" from this season:
"I have seen some pretty good players. Candice Wiggins is one for the Minnesota Lynx, Candace Parker from the Los Angeles Sparks, Lisa Leslie and Tina Thompson. There are some great players."

T.J. Ford, Toronto Raptors

On the WNBA and "Expect Great":
"I have watched the 'Expect Great' commercials and they are pretty unique. I definitely like it. It caught my attention and I enjoy watching them, so I think it was a good idea."

On the Houston Comets and watching them play:
"I am a big fan of the WNBA and I am also good friends with some of the Houston Comets such as Tina Thompson and Mistie Williams. I was not doing anything tonight so I just decided to come out and support the ladies."

On players he "Expects Great" from this season:
"In the course of the season, whether it is the WNBA or the NBA, you expect that superstars will be superstars and the role players will be role players. When it is time for the playoffs, everybody has to step their game up and take it to the next level."

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Bill Baptist/NBAE/Getty Images
Cynthia Cooper, longtime Houston Comets star

On the WNBA and "Expect Great":
"Everyone knows I love the WNBA! The WNBA is strong and powerful. I think 'Expect Great' means expect great out of every person every time they step out on the court. There is a lot of talent out there but not everyone comes to play with the same level of greatness every single night."

On the current Houston Comets and watching them play:
"I think that the atmosphere is great. You see the talent and you see the level of effort that the Houston Comets give out on the court. The energy and the fun that you have at a Comets game is very entertaining."

On Comets players that she “expects great” from this season:
“Definitely Tina Thompson because she is a world-class All-Star and a future Hall of Famer. Michelle Snow, because it is about time for her to come out of her shell and be the All-Star that she truly is. I know Tamecka Dixon is not out here tonight but I also 'Expect Great' from her. Matee Ajavon and Erica White are really two players that I expect to grow and become great players for not only the Houston Comets but the WNBA. Mwadi Mabika, from Los Angeles, who is my old nemesis has come out here with a great shot and also a great attitude.”

Aaron Brooks, Houston Comets

On the WNBA and "Expect Great":
"'Expect Great' means to expect great basketball. They move the ball and they play team basketball. It is a great thing to watch."

On the Houston Comets and watching them play:
"The team plays together and they play as a team. The fans show a lot of support. They are winners and I love watching them play."

On Comets players that he “expects great” from this season:
“Tina Thompson, of course! She is a veteran and she is the engine that starts the team. She is an All-Star so I just expect her to do great. As Tina goes, the team goes.”

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HBO Comedian Ali Saadiq

On the WNBA and “Expect Great”:
"I think the WNBA is a great asset for women athletes to show their talent. To me, “Expect Great” means to expect great-looking women. Expect great-looking women like Tina Thompson!"

On the Houston Comets and watching them play:
"I think it is great because it is a good opportunity for me to bring my daughter out and share a sporting experience. It is a good thing to me to be able to share a lot of different things with my daughter. This is a great outlet for us to come to and it not be an all-male event."

On Comets players that he “expects great” from this season:
"The players that I expect great from this season are Matee Ajavon and Tina Thompson. I am looking for Matee to push the ball and shoot the three-pointer from the corner. Also, I am just looking for Tina Thompson to stay consistent and bring the team to a championship."

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Marcus Williams, New Jersey Nets

On the reason he attended the Lynx-Liberty game in New York on June 14:
"I actually grew up playing against Noelle Quinn who plays for the Lynx. I played against Candice Wiggins a couple of times, too. They are all mutual friends of mine. I like to watch Candace Parker, but I’m a fan of the Lynx."

On his thoughts on the Liberty Outdoor Classic:
"It sounds like it’s going to be fun. It’s something that will be new to the game, so maybe if it goes well and there’s a good attendance, then maybe they’ll do it in the NBA."

Kevin Durant, Seattle Supersonics

On what he thinks of the WNBA:
"I love watching the games, and ever since the league came out I thought it was a great thing for women's basketball."

On the positive role the WNBA plays for young girls:
"A lot of girls want to make it the highest level and once the WNBA came along, it meant that every little girl at home working on their game can get to the highest level. The WNBA has really taken off and become a great thing."

On his thoughts on the Sparks-Mystics game he attended:
"The Mystics versus the Sparks is a great match up. Both teams have superstars. Candace Parker is the new kid on the block, you could say, and Alana Beard has been here for a while, so its going to be a great game."

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Bill Baptist/NBAE/Getty Images
Daniel "Boobie" Gibson, Cleveland Cavaliers and Houston native

On how long he's been a fan of the WNBA:
"I've been coming to Comets games for a long time. I grew up rooting for them... ever since the Cynthia Cooper days.

On his favorite players to watch:
"Now I am also a big fan of (Comets rookies) Matee Ajavon and Erica White because they were my same year (at) the McDonald's High School All-America game."

On what "Expect Great" means to him:
"What's great about this game is Tina Thompson. She's been playing at the top of her game for her entire career and she is still a great talent."

Etan Thomas, Washington Wizards

On his favorite thing about the WNBA:
"The WNBA has great players. They have proven themselves constantly to the media and to the world. If you like great basketball then you watch the WNBA"

On which team he roots for:
"The Mystics versus the Sparks is an exciting game. I am a fan of both teams. I am fan of the WNBA and enjoy watching good basketball."

On what "Expect Great" means to him:
"I expect to see great things out of Alana (Beard). I have watched Alana for some years now and have seen how she has grown and I like her intensity."

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Caron Butler, Washington Wizards

On what he thinks the WNBA is doing well:
"I think the WNBA is doing a great job right now especially with the young star Candace Parker. I think a lot of people are tuning in and watching the game more than ever right now. I think the league will be at an all time high in the next couple of years."

On his local WNBA squad, the Washington Mystics:
"The Mystics are playing great basketball and Alana is really starting to assert herself and get her teammates involved. The fans are coming out so that what it's all about. Getting the fans to come out and support the games."

On Mystics guard Alana Beard:
"Alana is a professional on and off the court. She is a good friend of mine and I saw her all season working hard and doing all the things off the court."

On what "Expect Great" means to him:
"Candace Parker and Lisa Leslie are expected to do great things this season. Seeing Lisa Leslie come back after she had a baby was remarkable. Young women are really doing their thing."