A trip down memory lane

Getting Ready for Prom Season

It is one of the most important events in any high school student's life. The prom. Of course, with all of the build up , the planning, the dress shopping, the worrying about finding the right date, it can either be a great memory to cherish or a dreaded night to forget. The same holds true for these WNBA players, all of whom had a night they will always remember.

Lindsay Whalen, Connecticut Sun

"I had a dress that I thought looked pretty cute. Prom is just such a big deal and the hype is so great that the actual event can't live up to the expectations. The pictures are cute. It's fun, it was a fun day. I had a great time overall. And we had a sweet limo."

Sue Bird, Seattle Storm

"Wow, Prom seems like a very long time ago and all I remember is our limo driver getting lost on the way there. I mean, come on man... You have one job and that is to drive us to the prom. Needless to say, we arrived fashionably late."

Shyra Ely, San Antonio Silver Stars

"I dreaded my prom experience. I was on prom court, which is the only reason that I even went. I have to admit, the whole high school experience was overrated for me. I was a loser. I didn't want to do anything. However, I was voted the Best-dressed."

Swin Cash, Detroit Shock

"My best prom memory is going my senior year with my boyfriend who was a freshmen in college. During the prom lineup, we drove a Mecedes and the music was playing loud. The song that was playing was from Wu Tang, "Cash Moves Everything Around Me." The crowd thought that was cool and started singing along. That was my lone moment of popularity."

Tina Thompson, Houston Comets

"It's so weird that I had one of those clich´┐Ż moments, but I was the "star" player for the women's team and I dated the "star" basketball guy. We went to the prom together as seniors. It was the last stage before graduation, but my boyfriend had to take the SAT's again the very next day, so we didn't get to go to any after-parties. And he had to take it really far away from where we lived. Like 40 or 50 minutes away down in Orange County. But the great thing about it is that he did well and also got into U.S.C. with me."