Photographic Memory:
Los Angeles� DeLisha Milton-Jones's "Photographic Memory" asks players to look at a photo of themselves and talk about what it captures -- what was going through their mind at that moment of the game and what the photo reveals about their style. Here, All-Stars collide when New York's Becky Hammon drives the lane and Sparks forward DeLisha Milton-Jones tries to stop her at all costs. But is it a foul...?

Milton-Jones should be back on the court and expects to be 100% for the Sparks in 2005.
Juan Ocampo/NBAE/Getty Images

Q. In a battle of bigger against smaller, who wins?
You know what this is? A battle of the ACL's at this point. It was Becky's right knee against my right knee. I think I got her on this play. She tried to drive baseline on us and I had to put that 84-inch wingspan into play.

Q. So is this just about protecting the homecourt?
"You know what I'm saying, right? But actually, this isn't our home court, I don't think. It doesn't look like our building. But I know we weren't in New York, though."

Q. So where was it, then?
"This isn't our gym. You know what? This was in a preseason game where we were in Long Beach, so I wasn't exactly protecting my home court, but I was protecting my own basket."

Q. Does this look like a foul to you?
"Not a foul at all. I just grazed her. I have been working on my triceps, and they've gotten so big, so you know, it was hard to help."

Q. And that's not a foul, then?
"I got all ball here. Wait, isn't the head a part of the ball? Or is it the hand? Which one is it? As long as I got some ball, it didn't matter. The ref didn't call a foul, so it was all good."

Q. I wonder if Becky would remember it differently?
"(Laughing...) No, this is definitely not a foul, but let's not go ask Becky about it because she might remember this differently."