Tweeting with Candace Parker

For the latest installment of Twitterview Thursday, Candace Parker (@Candace_Parker) of the Los Angeles Sparks answered fan questions on Twitter for over an hour on Thursday. A transcript of the Twitterview is below.

Stay tuned this season as we plan to do a Twitterview each week with one of the many WNBA players on Twitter. To see the full list of players on Twitter, as well as links to Facebook pages, blogs, the WNBA widget and more, visit our Connect with the WNBA page.


I really dont know how this stuff works, but I am going to give it my best

@Candace_Parker what pranks did u pull or got pulled on u while on the sparks? if none, how about while with tennessee?

@sydthekid513 We werent really big on pranks, but I had a lot of rookie duties

@Candace_Parker hi! we were excited to see you are the honorary chair for library card sign-up month. why did you agree to do so?

@liltree I loved going to the library as a kid and I thought it was impt I do that to bring awareness to the many things the library offers

@Candace_Parker how was your workout today? what kind of things do you do in the weight room?

@CoachGoodman I workout about 2 hours per day. I do a lot of leg lifting. (squats, rdls, lunges, leg press etc)

@Candace_Parker what up CP, how's it going?

@fofana917 Wassup! everything is cool

@Candace_parker In the wake of MJ dying in a 140 char how did he impact ur life

@utcpla24 I could not believe MJ passed. My brothers were HUGE MJ fans. BAD was my favorite song of his, I used to listen to it all the time

@Candace_Parker when r u coming back?

@drk_motiv8r I just made 6 weeks today from the date I had her, so i am looking at sometime in july.

@Candace_Parker hey candace i got a question for you...when you started playin basketball what was ur inspiration and who doubted yu

@KcHoopStar I started playing from birth, but competitively at like 6 or 7. my first love was actually soccer. memba haters make you stronga

@Candace_Parker What do you think of the NBA draft so far? Any surprises to you?

@TimCary I really like blake griffins game! I love watching stephen curry play and I really think ricky rubio looks like a Beatle :) @TimCary I am watchin the draft with my hubby. I really havent watched college all that much so i dont really know alot about this draft.

@Candace_Parker What is the best thing about being a mother? What is the hardest thing?

@clfOASIS The best thing is just staring at her and realizing shes yours! Her little fingers and toes :) and the hardest is lack of sleep!

@Candace_Parker candaceee how are u doingg? i am a REALLYY HUGEE fan! please write backk:)

@jorge_bolt Thanks so much for your support! Come on out to a Sparks game!

@Candace_Parker Aww man i missed it.I hope on meeting u one day. Are u going to the funeral of Sydney Bass? Is your Mom?

@malvmoo Hope to meet you too! I am unaware, what happened to Sydney Bass

@Candace_Parker when you were a rookie did the vets give you 'rookie duties'? like make you get their donuts or something?

@GirlInTheATL Of course I had rookie duties. I didnt have it all that bad! But, I did have to make sure the bus was neat and the lockeroom 2

@Candace_Parker Hey Candace

@Musiqgirl hey gurl

@Candace_Parker Hey! looks like you're doing pretty well with the Twitter thing

@kgyrl8 I catch on quick lol! :)

@Candace_Parker I would be so happy If u said hi to me

@Shaqfrombk hi hi hi hows three hi's :) lol

@Candace_Parker Whatz up Candace,

@Realtallshorty3 hey!

@Candace_Parker Hi Candace, how many tattoos do you have? and what does the one on your lower back say? :)

@MMGagu I have 4 tats (Both wrists, back and lower stomach) my back is just a design and then it says always SC forever (me &hubby initials)

@Candace_Parker knowin every aspect of the game is important,but @ 5'5 wat r sum things i shud focus on if i want to compete @ higher levels

@A_Digga I think that it is important you focus on making those around you better. it is impt for pg's to see the floor and be a leader!

@Candace_Parker Are U iNto VideO GamEs? If U aRe WaZ yOuR faVeritE GaMeS???!?

@LilwEezYyAdigG Call me old fashion, but my husband bought a pac man machine and if i play video games, I play that! I got the high score

@Candace_Parker I am a huge fan of yours and I remember going to watch u play in college when u came to Kentucky. do u hav a pregame ritual?

@epeezy06 I listen to JayZ non-stop before games! That is my ritual. I like to take a nap and a HOTT shower before I play!

@Candace_Parker is there anything u regret? or feel u made a mistake with and wish u could take it back?

@sydthekid513 Honestly, I regret not fully appreciating AAU basketball. Those were the best years of your life!

@Candace_Parker in 3 words how would you describe pat Summitt . and Tina Thompson

@wnbak8 Pat- Determined, Hardworker, Passionate Tina- Hilarious, Fashionable, and Caring

@Candace_Parker Nothing just watching The NBA draft i really don't know half these men And.They Booing!! Everybody

@Musiqgirl NYfans can be rough! they boo everything!

@Candace_Parker How are you doing, Mrs. Parker? How old were you when you threw down your first dunk?

@honestpolitics I dunked for the first time at 14 and i dunked for the first time in a game at 15

@Candace_Parker I got the craziest cheese smile right now

@Shaqfrombk Koolaid smile!

@Candace_Parker how did it feel 2 dunk the 1st time!?

@breezyballababe it felt great! I was more excited though that i dunked before the age my bros dunked at!

@Candace_Parker Do you keep in touch with any players from TN besides Shannon?

@jmpenn90 I keep in touch with vicki Baugh a lot, she is comin to visit in aug. I keep in touch with Nicky Anosike and Lex

@Candace_Parker you are my favorite woman basketball much did you work out in the off season like in hs and what would you do?

@kayrc10 I love to play basketball! I worked out constantly in the summers and I played ALOT of pickup against guys

@Candace_Parker are you following my advice and taking it slow? Stir crazy... ha! :-)

@Moni_artist I cant wait toget back!

@Candace_Parker Hey I think the Sparks should come play the ladys vols in a pre season match...could be fun

@dustinwilliams_ Haha that would be fun!

@Candace_Parker hey hows the baby doing?

@LilMo_25 Shes doing well! On my lap rt now trying to learn how to twitter! :) shes growing everyday

@Candace_Parker Now that it's been a year, what do you miss the most about being out of college?

@Sloaner24 I miss collge a lot! The people. in college you are around all people ur age!

@Candace_Parker i <3 you. your amazing at basketball & also very nice & beautiful !& i love bball , any tipss for me . okay thanks. bye!

@NinaFarkic Enjoy and love the game and you will do all it takes to be good at it!

@Candace_Parker What is ur favorite scary movie? Who is ur favorite actor?

@mjcballer23 Texas Chainsaw Massacre or hills Have eyes!

@Candace_Parker How do I talk to you

@teiladye lol, for starters speak English lol

@Candace_Parker what are sum of ur pet peeves if u have any

@wnbak8 I hate Whining!!!!!

@candace_parker What has surprised you about being a mother, anything or is it pretty much as you expected?

@Mickie_1 its amazing how you mother instincts just take over! I do things just for my daughter, nothing else matters!

@Candace_Parker when is the first time you started ever playing basketball , and when was the first time''u fell in love with it ;)'' lol

@NinaFarkic ive played basketball forever, bbut i first fell in love in seventh grade!

@Candace_Parker does Lailaa favor you or Shelden more? : )

@GirlInTheATL We have peeps that say she looks like him sum days and me others. My baby picture and hers looks almost identical!

@Candace_Parker if you were in the NBA, which team would you want to play for?

@Cherryleee I would want to play for the bulls! I grew up a HUGE bulls fan!

@Candace_Parker How do u think ur team will do with u and Lisa being out?

@cp3s_little_fan I think we are going to be just fine. We are very talented

@Candace_Parker who would u name as the most underrated player in the WNBA?

@jwstar06 I would name Ebony Hoffman as the most underated

@Candace_Parker whats ur fav song out right now and fav song ever

@dabigrush My fav song right now is Turing me on by Kerri Hillson and ft lil wayne. Favorite song ever is Dangerously in love by Beyonce

@Candace_Parker @utcpla24 the loss of Michael Jackson seems almost surreal doesn't it. I was shocked to realize he was 50 years old.

@Mickie_1 I love michael Jackson he is the best and will always be. Sad to see him go and he will be greatly missed. I am a big mj fan!

@Candace_Parker Hey Candace Mi Name is Robbie and Im from Milwaukee I dont really kno what to ask Im really excited

@MilwaukBball_24 HELLO!

@Candace_Parker if U coUld ChooSe 1 PlaCe 2 Go. Where wOuLd u Go

@LilwEezYyAdigG I would go to Fiji!

@candace_parker Hey Candace r u coming back early July or late July?..

@BALLisLIFE24 IDK I am going to play it by ear and see

@Candace_Parker I drew a pic. of u wen u were on the ESPN cover...evry1 loves it! would be friggin sweet if u seen it someday:) lol

@breezyballababe id love to see it!

@Candace_Parker What's ur fav. tv show

@cp3s_little_fan Im old school, I like sister sister and roseanne! lol but i am a big jon and kate plus eight fan!

@Candace_Parker Who was the toughest player you played against in college?

@CBodek22 Cappie Pondexter or Seimone Augustus

@Candace_Parker what female basketball player do you feel resembles your style of play.

@iNatalie3G Prob. Dewanna Bonner, she is 6 ft 4, can handle and runs the floor well

@Candace_Parker imma vote fa u on every espy nomination!!!!

@YuriyATLBalla Thanks!!!! I appreciate your espy vote!

@Candace_Parker It sounds like u r an amazing mom already. fter my children were born is when I really learned about being unselfish.

@Mickie_1 I agree!

@Candace_Parker ok I say you and Shelden play one on one live on HBO and Lailaa has to go to the winners College lol

@tikeej LOL!

@Candace_Parker hey CP3, between u and Sheldon who's the better ball player???

@ibreezy1890 We are going to do a reality show and let the peeps judge that lol JK

@Candace_Parker Have you ever heard of the group "Eelectrik Red" and if u have do you like them

@dabigrush I have not heard from them

@Candace_Parker LOL, random . when you where small do you remember what your fav. movie was if you do know ?

@NinaFarkic My favorite movie was ET! Extra Terristrial!

@Candace_Parker Are you a Mac or PC?

@Veration PC BABY!!! I love my sony vaio!

@Candace_Parker r u still on facebook too? Im sure we'd all like to see pics of the new fam

@malvmoo I am not on facebook

@Candace_Parker what NBA legend did you watch the most as you were growing up?

@jwstar06 Michael Jordan by far!

@Candace_Parker What is your advice for a 13 year old that wants to play in the WNBA but has no one to practice with.

@track_runner_09 work on your weaknesses and play games with yourself. set goals!

@Candace_Parker Do u think u will be back, by the time L.A. comes to Chicago

@mzwnba92 I will be back for sure to play back at home!

@Candace_Parker UT over under Elite 8 next season?

@CoachGoodman UT going to get it together and make the final four! BET :)

@Candace_Parker how old will u start putting your daughter in sports

@nluvwithcj I plan to put lailaa in sports at about 4 or five I want to plut her in soccer! I played that young and it helps with foot speed

Okay EVERYONE! I am so sorry, but I must go! My daughter is screaming she wants to be fed! LOVE!!!!