On the Road With Becky Hammon

Everyone knew it was a big deal. You could tell by the gasp in the room. When Becky Hammon was traded from the New York Liberty to the San Antonio Silver Stars on draft day last April, even the least-seasoned WNBA fan knew that it would signal a shift in the balance of power in the league.

But few expected Hammon to make as much of a difference as she did. The undrafted 5-6 point guard out of Colorado State overachieved yet again in her basketball career, averaging a career high 18.8 points and 5.0 assists per game in leading the Silver Stars to the Western Conference Finals. Hammon also finished second in the league's Most Valuable Player voting.

And at the tender age of 30, Hammon's travels in the game of basketball surely aren't finished. WNBA.com spoke recently with the fan favorite about where she's been, where she's headed and where she's always wanted to go.

Q: What are some countries you�ve gotten to travel to for basketball or for personal reasons?

Hammon: �Wow, I've been to Italy, Spain, Puerto Rico, Israel, China, Canada, Mexico...�

Q: Wow, that's a pretty good assortment. Is there one place you haven�t been that you�d like to see someday?

Hammon: �Australia.�

Q: Where is your favorite place to go on vacation?

Hammon: �Mexico. Anywhere in the Caribbean, actually.�

Q: Where would you prefer to be: on a beach, hiking and camping out or visiting a museum?

Hammon: �Hiking and camping out.�

Q: What are you favorite WNBA cities to visit?

Hammon: �L.A., Phoenix and Connecticut because of the casino (laughs).�

Q: Which WNBA city is the best in which to go out shopping? And do you have any favorite stores?

Hammon: �New York City. Fifth Avenue. All of Fifth Avenue is amazing for shopping.�

Q: What is the best WNBA city to dine out in and what are you favorite restaurants?

Hammon: �Blue Fin in New York City. I don�t really have another hot spot like that anywhere else.�