Mother’s Day Memories

In honor of Mother�s Day, we asked some of the WNBA moms about their favorite Mother�s Day memories and their favorite Mother�s Day gifts.

DeMya Walker, Sacramento Monarchs

DeMya Walker and her daughter Zachara
Rocky Widner/NBAE/Getty Images

My favorite Mother's Day Memory was May 2006 because it was the first time I could celebrate Mother's Day as a mom.

Usually on Mother's Day my best friend and I get together with our kids and have dinner or go for a family outing. Zachara is still too young to buy me presents!! But this year she gets to make me a mother's day card in school and I�m sure that will be the highlight of my day and best present ever!!!!

Also, I am a very serious card sender. I don't just send any card. I read every one to be sure that it is perfect for the individual who will receive it. SO I guess that is my Mother's Day tradition. Every year I send out at least 10 cards with special notes inside that really say something to the family and friends in my life that are mothers and I make sure that they receive it on the Saturday before mothers day!! Can't send late cards!!!

Lisa Leslie, Los Angeles Sparks

Lisa Leslie and her daughter Lauren
Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images

My favorite Mother's Day memory was of the year my sisters and cousins cooked breakfast for my Mom and my Aunts.

Before the fried chicken and waffles were ready, I went to pick up my Mom and Aunts. Blindfolded in the car, they had no idea we were arriving at my house. With elevator music playing, they thought we had arrived at a fancy restaurant. With the table set, the food hot and fresh flowers and candy for each, we unveiled them to a perfect brunch at home with the family :)

The best gift I gave my Mom was a 60' inch television delivered that morning... God is good!!

Helen Darling, San Antonio Silver Stars

Helen Darling with her triplets (sons Ja-Juan and Jalen, daughter Neveah)
Gregory Shamus/NBAE/Getty Images

Before my grandma Helen passed, the Saturday before Mother's Day all her daughters and their daughters would go to Bob Evans for breakfast; this was my grandma's favorite place to eat. Since she died we have continued the tradition. I now miss it because I live in another city, but my family will call and let me know they were thinking about me and miss me very much.

I would like to start a tradition with my family but I am usually away at training camp on this special day. If I could start a tradition it would be to go fishing all day then go home and cook the fish we caught. Lol, I know crazy, but I love to fish, it is really relaxing.

The best gifts for me are those that come from the heart. I really love getting the home made cards and gift the kids make for me, they are always so cute and I know they put a lot of work into it. I also love surprises; Orlando always surprises me with something I mentioned but forgot all about. I like not being able to guess my presents. Every year is different and as Master Card would say...PRICELESS!

Vanessa Hayden, Los Angeles Sparks

Vanessa Hayden and her daughter Zion Brianna
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I really enjoyed the short time I spent with my mother (she died when I was 12). On Mother�s Day from the year of her death (1994), my siblings and I always get together and have dinner and talk about the memories of our mother. My favorite memory of mom was watching her dance to the Gap Band song Outstanding ... that is my favorite song of all time � for obvious reasons. My mother�s smile could light up any room. May she rest in peace. I lost my mother to HIV/AIDS and we vowed as siblings to become advocates to our friends and loved ones about the disease.

I am also a mother and it is probably the greatest achievement of my life to give life to another. My daughter is much too young to give gifts but her smile, her sloppy kisses, messy room, dirty diapers and even her temper tantrums all bring me joy. I know what made my own mom smile now. Happy Mothers Day.