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Coco Miller and Kelly Miller shared the basketball court for four years at the Unversity of Georgia. Coco was named to the All-SEC First Team in 1999 and 2001 and finished her collegiate career among the top 10 in assists and steals for the Bulldogs. Kelly was named to the All-SEC First Team all four seasons and SEC Player of the Year in 2000 and 2001. She was the first player in SEC history to accumulate 1,500 points, 400 assists and 200 steals. Now the two sisters look back on their NCAA memories and give their scouting report on this year's team.

Kelly Miller guards her sister Coco.
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Georgia is 19 in the March 12 ESPN/USA Today Coaches Poll with an overall record of 19-9.

Do you follow Georgia�s team?
Coco Miller: Definitely. I try to keep up with the Georgia team every chance I get. I try to get to at least one game a year, so this year I�ve already gotten to see them play, and they�re doing really well.

How do you think this year's team looks and how far do you think they'll go in the NCAA Tournament?
Coco Miller: They�re very post-oriented. They�ve got a couple of really good post players, and they�ve got a couple of really good, young guards, so I think in the future they�re going to be really, really tough� I think when you hit the tournament, I think anything�s possible. It just depends on who you play, who you match up well against. I know they�re a young team, but I think they can go pretty far this year. I think they can go farther than they did last year (losing in the first round last year), so hopefully they can make it beyond that.

Kelly Miller: I think they�re really good right now. They struggled a little bit early, but now they�re coming together. They have some young players so that always takes a little bit of time. But I think now they have some great players. Kara Braxton, she�s a great player, so I think they can go far this year. I�m just pulling for them all the way.

What do you think the team needs to work on to get to the next level?
Coco Miller: What the team needs to get even better, I think is just having that experience together, playing together and different things like that because I think their guards are very young, they haven�t been together for very long, so just playing together as a unit, I think that�s the main thing.

Do you think playing in the tough SEC Conference helps the team?
Kelly Miller: Yeah, it�s definitely very tough this year, so if they can do well in that which they have been, I think they can go very far because that�ll just prepare them for the NCAA.

Why do you think there�s so much talent in the SEC?
Kelly Miller: Historically, the SEC�s just been extremely tough. I think a lot of the great players getting recruited come from there and they just want to play in the best conference, so it�s an extremely athletic conference. All the players are extremely quick or athletic, so I think that makes it very tough.

Are there any WNBA prospects that you see on this year�s team?
Coco Miller: I definitely think Kara Braxton is probably the best player on that team. When she came for her official visit to Georgia, she scrimmaged against us and she�s just a very talented player. She�s about 6-4, she�s very athletic, she can run the floor very well for someone her size � she would have been a lot of fun to play with.

Are there any WNBA players that Kara Braxton she reminds you of?

Charlotte's Kelly Miller and Washington's Coco Miller
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Coco Miller: She�s kind of like a four or five and there are a lot of taller players out there, maybe she�s more like a Tina Thompson, who�s very mobile and can shoot the ball from the outside and run the floor very well.

What are your favorite memories of playing in the NCAA Tournament?
Kelly Miller: Those are very exciting times. It was just exciting to be there, and the atmospheres that we played in were great. That was just really exciting when we were in college.

Does Coach Andy Landers change his style at all in the Tournament?
Kelly Miller: Overall, it�s pretty similar, but he did change a few things within our offense and defense to provide new looks. He did stuff like that when the tournament hit� some new wrinkles.

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