When the lights go down in the city
And the sun shines on the bay
I just want to be there in my city
Oh, oh, oh, oh ...

While Journey wasn't singing about Cleveland, the CT Sun were on a journey to play the Rockers when the blackout happened on August 14. Katie Douglas and I were in our hotel room when the electricity went out around 4 p.m. We thought the power outage was restricted to our hotel until we descended the six flights of stairs to the ground floor. We saw throngs of people milling about downtown Cleveland when we met the team bus at 5 p.m. We quickly learned (via cell phone calls to family and gossip on the street) that the power outage extended to the East Coast and the bus wouldn't be going to Gund any time soon.

Lobo's Connecticut Sun face the Detroit Shock in the Eastern Conference Finals.
Jennifer Pottheiser
WNBAE/Getty Images
There were a number of enormous men hanging out in our hotel foyer and the single girls quickly learned that they were members of the Green Bay Packers and were in town to play the Browns the next night. The guys quickly learned that we were a women's basketball team from Connecticut (all they had to do was read our uniform jerseys and make some obvious inferences). While I didn't recognize any of the guys (Brett Favre being the only one I'd know by face), they were quite friendly and enjoyable to talk to.

Circling these giant men was a superfan couple in their early 40s donning green Packers T-shirts who looked like they'd died and gone to heaven. They hovered around the guys and eavesdropped on every conversation they could pick up using their cheesehead radar. They wore goofy perma-grins and looked like they'd just had their Lambeau feeled . It was all pretty weird.

After finding out our game was postponed, I climbed the six flights back to my room and changed out of my red and yellow Sun blouse and headed back down to street level. Jennifer Rizzotti picked me up and we headed to a local outdoor cafe. We spent the night with her husband and a bunch of family that were in town for the game. Brooke Wyckoff and Katie Douglas joined us before too long as well. Many of the other girls spent the blacked-out hours hanging at the hotel lobby and pool. Overall, it was a fun night.

And it prolonged our loss to the Rockers for five days.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks
I know I tend to complain a bit about airline travel in My World. However, I wish Hamlet told me to stick a sock in it before the blackout. We were supposed to fly to New York City the day after our game in Cleveland was postponed but the power outage wreaked havoc in both the Cleveland and New York airports. Our ingenious solution: board a bus and drive back to Uncasville, CT. We deparetd the Cleveland hotel at 10:30 a.m. and arrived at our destination 12 hours later. On the journey we watched movies ("The Recruit," "Analyze That," "Friday After Next"), visited a Subway sandwhich shop in Pennsylvania, found the slowest Taco Bell on the eastern seaboard (a half-hour for a chicken soft taco), and learned how quickly 11 tired women can grate on each other's nerves. By the time we said good night, I was ready to admit that I'd much rather be on an Airbus than a "busbus."

In The News
One of these things is not like the other ones ...

As reported in the Shreveport Times on July 30, Greenwood Acres Full Gospel Baptist Church will pay white people to attend services during August to increase the diversity of its congregation.

Bishop Fred Caldwell said he will pay $5 per hour for Sunday services and $10 an hour for the Thursday service. The idea came to him during a sermon.

"Our churches are too segregated, and the Lord never intended for that to happen," he said. "It's time for something radical."

To get their money, white visitors will have to register when they attend. Caldwell will pay them from his pocket and enlist the help of the congregation if needed.

"I just want the kingdom of God to look like it's supposed to," he said. "There ain't going to be ghettoes in heaven."

A Ghetto with Falsetto
In an attempt to deter youths from loitering after schol at the Forest Hills subway in Massachusetts, transit authorities will play light classical music at the station. Authorities say they are switching tactics since arrests haven't deterred trouble-making teenagers. "Go ahead and throw the book at me, but not the Bach. Anything but the Bach..."

I Hear Ya, Sister

One of Lobo's offseason plans is to watch more old movies.
Nathaniel S. Butler
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In the October issue of "Ladies' Home Journal," President and Laura Bush say their marriage is stronger since they entered the White House. The first lady says, "All the things that might've irritated me, like not hanging up his towels, I don't have to worry about anymore. Someone in the White House hangs up the towels."

Seriously, can you imagine having that job? "Hey there, Mister, what do you do for a living?" "Well Little Lady, I'm glad you asked. See, I hang up George Bush's wet shower towel after he scrubs himself clean."

Which begs the question, why do men find it so hard to hang up their wet towels? And, why can't they dry off while still in the shower instead of leaving water-footprints all over the bathroom floor. For that matter, why do they leave dirty, water-filled cereal bowls in the sink instead of placing them in the dishwasher? Probably the same reason they toss dirty (and clean) T-shirts on the floor instead of in the nearby hamper or dresser drawer.

Of course, my husband doesn't do any of the above-mentioned things. I've just heard from other wives ...

Just Wondering (at the grocery store)
1. When I go food shopping, I am often left wondering about a few things. For example, while I think that seedless grapes are terrific and applaud their inventor for allowing me to eat the little treasures without spitting every five seconds, what the heck is planted to make them grow? Seriously, this seems like a Darwinian nightmare.

2. Why isn't corn-on-the-cob just called "corn?" Cob-clinging is the way mother nature intended it. The kernels that are cooked and removed should be called "corn-off-the-cob." They are farther from their natural state and their moniker should reflect that.

Fruit in the Loom
Let's tip our hats (or bikini-bottom bathing suits) to Speedo. The swimwear manufacturer is celebrating its 75th birthday. One of my teammates who shall remain nameless (No. 21) asked her boyfrieind what he thought about wearing a Speedo on the beach. His reply? "What, are you kidding me? A banana hammock? Hell no."

He'd rather listen to classical music on the subway.

Teammate Quote of the Week
"Isn't that an oxymoron, like jumbo-shrimp?"
--Debbie Black's response after hearing a team described as "a spectacular .500 team."

Fan Quote of the Week
Before our game in Phoenix, AZ, I went to the Chinese restaurant Bamboo Club for an order of brown rice to go. The 20-something gentleman tending bar took my order and didn't charge me anything when he returned with my food. Instead he asked, "Are you Rebecca Lobo?" I answered him and he responded, "I had a crush on you when I was a kid." WHEN I WAS A KID!!! Good gracious, I felt like a 75 year-old Speedo.

Movie Reviews
"Pirates of the Caribbean" ... My family drove to Orlando, Fla. from Massachusetts the summer after my third grade year to spend a week camping near Disney World. Even though the three-day trip in the pea-green station wagon seemed unending to a nine-year-old, the magic of the rides at the park made it all worthwhile. My immediate favorite -- Pirates of the Caribbean. During WNBA All-Star weekend, a three minute ride on the 9 train of the NY subway seemed slightly more comfortable than the car trip 20 years earlier but, like the ride, the movie was worth the trip. Johnny Depp is terrific and quirky in just the right way and Mackenzie Crook from the BBC's "The Office" is perfect as the one-eyed goofball. The movie should have been 30 minutes shorter -- enough already with the sword fights -- and it is a bit too violent for young kids. But, it's probably the best movie I've seen in the theatre this summer.

"My Boss' Daughter" ... Could be the worst movie ever made. Debbie Black and I checked out a matinee while in Indianapolis to kill time before our game. When we entered the theatre, there were seven other people there. When we left, there were three others. I kept waiting for Ashton Kutcher's character to yell, "You've been punk'd" and chuckle that a few suckers had spent money on this idiotic movie. It never happened.

But I'd still been punk'd ...

Rental Guide
"Citizen Kane" ... A fantastic movie and I can't believe I went 29 years without watching it. Regarded by some as the best film ever made, the Kane DVD includes a fascinating commentary by Roger Ebert. One of my offseason goals is to watch more classic black and white films. Another goal is to avoid all movies with Ashton Kutcher.

"How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days" ... Some would call this movie cute. Those people should see "My Boss' Daughter." Actually, this movie was OK, in a chick-flick kind of way.

Book Reviews
"Our Gang" by Philip Roth ... An amusing satire of Richard Nixon.

"Leaving a Doll's House" by Claire Boom ... This autobiography chronicles the actress' life in movies, TV, and theater. It also touches on her marriage to the author Philip Roth. While I don't respect many of the things she's done in her personal life, the book is interesting.

Time for a Shout Out to ...
The Indianapolis pool party people ... Thanks for the hospitality
Little Lisa ... We miss you! Get healthy so you can yell at us with your strength-trainer voice.
The Cleveland Crew ... Poolside and on the patio, a great time was had by all
Brooke and K.T. ... Thanks for keeping me laughing on and off the court
Big Girl ... Lots of prayers are going your way
Debbie (a.k.a. "Little Snack") ... Always keep that unbreakable spirit