Guess what's back, back again
My World's back, tell a friend
Guess what's back, guess what's back
Guess what's back, guess what's back
Guess what's back, guess what's back, guess what's back

Will the real number 50 please stand up. Please stand up. Please stand up.

Yup, the World According to Me has changed a bit. The last time I wrote I was Miss Lobo. Now, I'm Mrs. Rushin. This offseason I went and got myself hitched. I also got a new team, a new coach and a new just wondering. But more on that later. Remember, no matter what the name, it's always The World According To Me!!

Don't worry, it will still be Lobo on the back of the jersey.
Dyer/Photo Expressions
Say What?
Since getting married on April 12th, 2003 I have been asked a few common questions. Here are the common answers:

1.) Is your buckaroo taller than you?
My husband is 6'5" and therefore an inch taller than me.

2.) Are you going to change your name or will "Lobo" still be on your name tag at work?
I have legally changed my name to Rebecca Rushin but it will stay Lobo on the jersey. I can't do the hyphenated thing because my teammate Taj McWilliams-Franklin took the only dash that the embroiderers allocated to the Sun when making the uniforms.

3.) Who wins when you play one-one-one?
While we like to play basketball together, my husband and I don't play against each other in one on one. That was one of the conditions of our pre-nup.

4.) Do you really have a pre-nup?

Lobo joins the Sun on Feb. 14.
Mark Brett/Mohegan Sun
And the most commonly asked question...

5.) Since he writes for the magazine, can your husband get me a free subscription to "Sports Illustrated?"
No. No. And no.

Now that we've got that cleared up...

Welcome Home!!
I am back playing basketball in the state I have called home since graduating from UConn in 1995. I was thrilled when the Mohegan Tribe purchased a franchise from the WNBA in December. I was even more thrilled when I got the call from Coach Chancellor over the winter telling me that I was traded back home. While I really liked Houston and the people there, there's just no place like home (with ruby red slippers and ruby red Reeboks). The fans in Houston will always hold a special place in my heart. They treat their Comets with a lot of love and respect and I really appreciated being a member of that organization.

All in the Name of Fashion

There's that red and yellow...
D. Clarke Evans
WNBAE/Getty Images
WNBA fans have probably noticed the new uniforms that the teams are sporting this year. They are made of a nice light fabric and the shirts are cut short so that they aren't tucked in. While I'm not a fan of the new cut (I think bellybuttons and sportsbras should stay covered during game action ), I'm sure I'll grow accustomed to it. Getting used to the color scheme of our away unis, however, will take a little longer. Each time I pull the red and yellow jersey over my head, I feel like I should ask someone if they'd like to, "supersize that". Our color scheme is directly out of the Mac and Don handbook. Maybe we can get the paper hats to go.

Speaking of those arches with the golden hue, McDonalds now has a breakfast sandwich called the "McGriddle". My guitar-playing neighbor pointed out that "McGriddle" sounds like Snoop Dogg slang for a certain Orlando Magic star: Trizzle McGrizzle. McGrizzle indeed.

Teammate Quote of the Week
While waiting for our flight home from Cleveland, Brooke Wyckoff delved into the new issue of Cosmopolitan magazine. She giggled when she proclaimed -- sarcastically-- "This is why I read magazines. Page 128 has 'Confessions of a nurse who's seen it all'." Fortunately, pictures not included.

Fan Quote of the Week
Brooke and I were sitting at the gate in the Detroit airport when a young girl approached us and asked, "Are you famous." If someone has to ask that question, the answer must be "NO". However, the young fan still wanted our autographs. I would bet that the piece of paper with our signatures scrawled on the bottom is now nestled between a half empty Diet Rite Cola can and a soggy hot dog bun somewhere in a Motor City garbage can. (I am NOT condoning the mixing of trash with recyclables.)

Just Wondering...
If the announcer at the Palace really thinks it's appropriate to say that an upcoming game has New York invading the Palace or Sacramento invading Los Angelas or San Antonio invading Houston. Considering the events of the past few months, a better verb choice should be used.

If anyone else thinks the tip-cup craze is a little out of control. Coffee houses, sandwich shops, and ice cream parlours all have the Styrofoam wishing wells sitting on their counters. Even the Taco Bell at the Detroit airport has one perched next to the cash register. Seriously, will I get an extra dab of guac on my chicken soft taco if I tip the guy 23 cents while thinking outside the bun? Taco Bell's greasing me, now I gotta grease Taco Bell? This point-of-purchase panhandling needs to stop. Ahora mismo.

If the technician at the local hospital would x-ray my bat. A few years ago I met Sammy Sosa and he was kind enough to sign a bat for me. After # 21 grabbed the wrong bat recently (I believe you Sammy!), I started to wonder about my signed piece of lumber. No matter, I'll still wear my Sosa Cubs jersey with pride!

Why I've been buying CDs for the past 10 years instead of vinyl! I recently discovered a great record store in Mystic, CT and have become addicted to buying albums. I love delicately placing the needle on the LP and hearing the hiss spit out from the speakers before the music starts. The occasional skip is simply part of the charm.

Movie Review
* "Bruce Almighty:" Any flick that shows a dog sitting on the toilet reading a newspaper was made for a male audience. However, Bruce was pretty funny lite fair. If you just want to get a few laughs for 90 minutes, this is a good choice. And, Morgan Freeman is terrific.

* "The Italian Job:" My husband claims that there is no such thing as a bad heist movie. My sister claims that there is no such thing as a bad Mark Wahlberg movie. I believe that there is no such thing as a bad movie when the popcorn is warm and not too salty. Therefore, I give this one a thumbs up. The dialogue was a little obvious at times but the action scenes with the Mini Coopers made up for any shortcoming. Also, Seth Green's character was a hoot (an adjective my mother would use).

Book Review
* "Forever" by Pete Hammill: The book has a great premise and is set in New York City over 3 centuries. While I was hoping to learn a little more history over the course of the 600+ pages, I enjoyed taking the trip through time.

* "Portnoy's Complaint" by Philip Roth: Named one of the 100 best novels of the 20th Century by the Modern Library, I can't tell you what this book is about because my column is rated PG. While it definitely wasn't my favorite Roth (The Human Stain stilll holds that distinction), it did make me laugh at the absurdity of certain things in life.

Time for a Shout Out to:
* the manager of the PF Chang restaurant in Charlotte. Thanks for taking good care of the W.G.'s.
* Jimmy Kelly : when do you get to entertain the crowd during timeouts at Sun games?
* the little girl in the front row wearing the #50 jersey. You brought a smile to my face.
* Stonington backyard BBQ attendees
* My Husband (I love saying that)