August 9, 2013 | Anthony Oliva,

If you�re like most people, your birthday is a particularly active day for your Facebook timeline and other social networks.

The same holds true for Skylar Diggins. The scale is just different.

Way different.

Diggins, who turned 23 on August 2, is the WNBA's resident social media celebrity. Therefore, Diggins had hundreds of her over 400,000 followers on Twitter wish her a happy birthday -- 140 characters at a time.

�Obviously the past few years my numbers have grown as far as my followers,� Diggins said. �I think it�s amazing. Like I said before, over and over, I have the best fans in the world. They�re so supportive and so loyal and they�re excited and involved in my career and what I�m doing, not only on the court, but also they want to know what I�m doing off the court.�

Diggins� Twitter timeline was littered with tweets from adoring fans like these two.

It wasn�t just the quantity of tweets she received that stood out, but several high profile people like current Stanford player Chiney Ogwumike, sister of Los Angeles� Nneka Ogwumike, Notre Dame assistant coach Beth Cunningham, who Skylar passed to become Notre Dame's all-time leading scorer, and her new RocNation family all reached out to wish @skydigg4 a happy birthday.

One of the most noteworthy people that reached out, Diggins said, was four-time Olympic gold medalist and track star Sanya Richards-Ross.

�I�m a big fan of Sonya Richards-Ross, one of the fastest women in the world and she�s one of my favorite Olympians to be honest,� Diggins said. �I�ve always dreamed of one day being able to compete in the Olympics, so for someone that I look up to as a woman to actually reach out, that was pretty special.�

If that wasn�t enough, Diggins learned that she had friends in places she didn�t even know existed. In what was a surprise, Diggins received a dress with a card that read, �from your friends at Dolce & Gabbana.�

�It�s a beautiful, beautiful dress,� Diggins said. �I got friends there? I�m like, OK, I got friends there. I love that I have friends there, you know what I�m saying?�

Olympians and Italian fashion designers aside, Skylar also "felt the love" from the people she knows best.

�My friends and family really came up big for this one and I got surprise visits, I got balloons, I even got chocolate milks,� Diggins said. �It was like the greatest birthday ever. I got these huge edible arrangements from my Notre Dame family and coach Ivey so it was special. All my close friends and family really showed lots of support.�

Diggins, who, oh by the way, also had a game on her birthday, saved the best for last, helping Tulsa to a 96-89 win over Los Angeles.

�It�s always great when you can win a game on your birthday and the fans were amazing too and we got a win against a really good team,� Diggins said.

After her birthday -- "you can celebrate your birthday all week," Diggins said -- the unwavering support Skylar received continued in, of all places, San Antonio when Tulsa traveled to Texas for a game on August 4.

�I love the fans (in San Antonio),� Diggins said. �I saw people there that said they drove hours -- four hours or something -- to come to the game to watch me play. People had my jersey on and stuff. There were so many people that had pictures of me and stuff.

San Antonio is pretty much one of the biggest support cities.�

Who knew?