2009 WNBA Draft Chat: Shavonte Zellous

Ryan (Rocklin, CA): Shavonte, who do you look forward to playing against most in the WNBA?

 Shavonte Zellous: (3:52 PM ET ) Well it was Deanna Nolan becuse she was my favorite player but now she's my teammate. I'm just so excited and overwhelmed by the moment.

Astrose00, East Brunswick, NJ: Shavonte, I guess we'll see up close and personal how much you play like Deanna Nolan. Congrats to you. Do you think you will help Detroit repeat as champs?

 Shavonte Zellous: (3:52 PM ET ) I think so with my versatility. they have great guards in Smith, Nolan and Hornbuckle and I look forward to playing with them. I think I'll be able to help them out with my scoring ability.

Brian Martin: (3:53 PM ET ) Are you looking forward to playing for Coach Bill Laimbeer?

 Shavonte Zellous: (3:54 PM ET ) I really look forward to playing for him. He's much like Coach B. He expects you to play hard all the time and that is how I play. I'm looking forward to getting to Detroit and playing for him.