2009 WNBA Draft Chat: Kia Vaughn

Astrose00, East Brunswick, NJ: KIA!!!!!! My prayers have been answered HOMEGIRL. How's it feel to be reunited with Essence Carson! I can't wait for the season to start!

 Kia Vaughn: (3:42 PM ET ) Its feels great. I can't wait. It�s like old times now. I can't wait to be there and play with her again. I feel comfortable with her taking me through the ropes.

Matt, Belford NJ: Kia Vaughn, Have you gotten any advice on playing in the WNBA from your former teammates like Essence Carson and Matee Ajavon?

 Kia Vaughn: (3:44 PM ET ) Certainly. I've spoken to Essence, Matee and Cappie on just bring on what I learned from Coach Stringer to the biggest stage and just always working hard because hard work ultimately gets you wherever you want.

Cyndy (Washington, DC): Kia, what are you most looking forward to as a player in the WNBA?

 Kia Vaughn: (3:45 PM ET ) For one, its another chapter in my life where I can grow as a player and as a person. And I�m really excited to player with veterans and legends like Essence and Lisa Leslie and others.

Kat (newbrunswick, nj): Kia, Does being drafted by a team so close to home make this that much more meaningful?

 Kia Vaughn: (3:46 PM ET ) Its definitely meaningful because I get to represent the city I was born in and having my family being able to be close to me and their support is meaningful to me.