2009 WNBA Draft Chat: Kristi Toliver

 Kristi Toliver: (3:22 PM ET ) This is the first time I�ve been involved in basketball and I've been shaking.

Stephanie, Indy IN: For Tolliver, what makes you nervous about playing at the next level?

 Kristi Toliver: (3:22 PM ET ) I think its just the fact that its a new experience, a new league. If you look back at being a freshman in college, it�s like that. I'm going to a great organization so my teammates will help me out. I just want to contribute as much as I can.

Steve, Cary NC: Kristi do you expect to make an immediate impact this year?

 Kristi Toliver: (3:23 PM ET ) Absolutely. I think I have a lot to contribute to the team, I know they are in need of a PG and I hope to deliver whatever they need.

Tiffany (chicago): Kristi, congrats for an excellent career at Maryland. You are my favorite player and can't wait to see you this in the WNBA. My question is what parts of your game do you think needs improvement to be successful at the next level? Thanks for the memories at Maryland and again congrats to you.

 Kristi Toliver: (3:25 PM ET ) I think that my on ball defense is going to be very crucial to my game in the WNBA. I need to work on my footwork and keep people in front. I've always been a good help defender but I can get better one on one.